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Completed Game Announcements / Re: Here Be NO Sirens
« on: 06 Oct 2018, 22:27 »
Ahhh, got it!  Thanks for the hints!  Cute, fun little game!

Spoiler: ShowHide
I'd tried landing on the ledge but didn't notice the gold item appearing.  Just curious, what is the brown item that the water keeps splashing under?

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Tales
« on: 22 Nov 2016, 18:13 »
Congrats on the release.  Any news on Kinky Island, since I donated $100 to your Indiegogo three years ago, and all we've gotten since was "you'll have something this this wait, this year" update e-mails, as you pile on newer, more-profitable-to-you projects instead?

Sorry everybody, I'm not going to finish after all.  But good luck to the other fantastic looking entries!

Phew...I did a working rebuild in the Default Game template instead of Verb Coin.  Back on track!

Can't wait to see everyone else's! :)

Currently running slow because I got partway in, then discovered 3.3.5 still has the same Verb Coin bug that won't let your character walk.

So I just did a manual rebuild of my game with a copied over Verb Coin template from 3.2.1...imported anything that could be imported from the original file, hand copied over everything else, made sure everything was reassigned to proper views, sprites, general settings, global variables, etc...

Now my rooms are freezing, my mouse is freezing (but my touchpad isn't??) even after the engine and game are turned off, and cEgo isn't appearing in his starting room any more, even though I can see him standing there when I make the room's Characters visible.

Sooo...yeah.  Trying to figure that all out. :/

If it comes to it, I'll rebuild from scratch again tomorrow without importing anything, and see if that helps.  Or start from scratch and not use verbcoin.

Still hope to get mine done on time!

Shoot, sorry to report the same bug again, different engine version...I'm in 3.3.5, and just discovered the same issue with the verb coin and the inability to walk.  Electroshokker, did you ever get a chance to work on it?  Thanks!

Adeel:  Do eeeeet!  Draw stick figures in MS Paint if you have to.  Good content makes any level of art work, look at XKCD.

I personally am stealing liberating the works of Japanese artists like Hiroshige and Hokusai, just pasting in their landscape and city scenes as whole backgrounds, and their closeup portraits of people as my characters (with lip synced mouths superimposed).  I drew my own main character, but otherwise I'm borrowing wholesale to meet the time deadline.

It's kinda funny because it's shaped my entire detective plot around what art already existed, and I had to make it all fit with minor add-ons. :)

I'm gonna try super hard to make this happen...I'm on summer break so there shouldn't be any distractions. :)

Going for a comedy cross of ancient Japan with a 30's mobsters theme, in "Wakizashi Malone: Samurai Detective".  Good luck everybody!

Ohhh that would make sense.  I'm a DND nerd myself so I'm familiar with the similar business of rolling 1's. :)

What everyone else said, great, cute, fun game!  I was really enjoying it, but eventually stopped after:

Spoiler: ShowHide

- first discovering the random "thundercrack attacks" from enemies I'd defeated before that would kill me with one blow
- randomly, repeatedly wounding or outright killing *myself* from what I can only assume is a glitch in the combat code
- finally gold farming the first 4 goblins so I wouldn't waste too much every time I randomly, inevitably died
- and then, right as I started to progress to the 250-ish gold range for buying upgrades, I hit three lasers in a row every time I passed the fourth mile.

Other than that, I think this could be truly awesome and popular if the same suggestions above were implemented - enemy HP counters, save game feature, ability to see your own stats without asking.  Great job!

I'm still around but no way I'll be finished in time. :/  Life saw fit to fill up my usually free time with friend time and I couldn't say no.  I'm going to push hard to finish it by Monday night but no worries, it's just silliness anyways. :)  Good luck and super proud for everyone who made it!

I had to redesign the entire story to fit the time I lost trying to make a more complex, satisfyingly adventurey adventure, I got stuck for a bit it's sort of a short, playable, extremely dirty and humorous fable. :)

But all background art is done, now plowing through character art and scripting.  Fingers crossed!

Competitions & Activities / Re: OROW 9 - August 24th-30th
« on: 19 Aug 2015, 02:09 »
Oh man...I really really want to do this.  I'm going to push hard to finish MAGS in time.

Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffish!  Feeling the clock pressure already.  Saturdays are my one day off and out of nowhere friends have been mobbing me to do stuff on my longest creative free-time days.  Plus my writer-brain is going crazy trying to overcomplicate the plot and see if I can make it "better", i.e. longer.  Off early today, so spending the rest of the day doing nothing but game!

Hope y'all's projects are going awesome, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! 8-)

Thanks Mandle and Vertigoaddict!  I'm super excited at how many people are joining too, and all of your art looks awesome! :)  This is gonna be a great competition!

I work outdoors for a living and I'm sitting inside right now while rain pours down, making the game on my laptop.  Woo creative momentum!

Thanks Wham, you too!  Art is my suckiest skill, and I admire the hell out of people who can actually draw with pixels and real arty skills.  That's why I build vector puppets and color with textured clipping's the only way I can squash and push things into shape. :)  Still, it beats the heck out of the Paint Shop Pro 7 gradients I used on *everything* when I was an AGS newbie 9 or 10 years ago, cringe-lol.  Can't wait to see your game!

If it helps, I saw your post and went, "Oh carp, Ponch is joining.  I'm gonna loooose." :)

This is the kind of background/character art you'll all be seeing in my upcoming entry, tentatively titled "Sirenity".  I'm going for a pop-up, cutout book type feel:

I found a problem...just downloaded AGS 3.3.4, started a new game with the Verb Coin template, and found out I couldn't make cEgo walk by left-clicking.  It'll still obey cEgo.Walk commands in the script, but even with the Walkable Area covering the entire room, cEgo wouldn't move from mouse clicks.  Crimson Wizard assisted and verified that you can copy in an older version of the template and it'll still work.  Apologies if it was already found and I just missed it in the previous pages.  Thanks!

From this thread in Beginners':

Sweet!  Thanks a bunch for the help, sorry it had to be for a breakage.  This game is for MAGS so losing hours trying to figure it out was making me pull out my hair. :)  I'll report it in the thread, thanks again!

Thanks for replying. :)  I figure it's some incredibly obvious detail I'm overlooking, and I'll smack my forehead once someone spots it.

I've messed around a bit in the meantime, trying to test fixes.  It's now room 10: Xiope's Cliff.  When run, it'll pause for 2 seconds, then make her walk through the full-screen walkable area.  After that, nothing happens when you left-click, though the verb coin still works in all other ways.

I appreciate your help!

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