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I have found a group for game creators lacking i DeviantArt, so I'm trying to get such a group going.
Visual story Telling - Animation Comics Games Illustrations

The scope is wider than just games.
It also includes animations, comics and illustrations.


@Blondbraid Thanks :)


I've used RealityFactory which is built on Genesis3D. RF is a bit aged (which have given me some trouble), but it has a fairly easy to use editor for level building and a script system (which can be a bit tricky, but still is better than having to do it all from scratch). RF has a lot of documentation which was important for me as I was learning this with very little previous knowledge of 3D-game-making. It also helps that RF used to have an active community leaving a lot of useful questions and answers on it's forum. The community is a lot less active today, but still has some life to it.

I've made all models in the game (except three) myself from scratch. Texture, rigging and animation as well.
The three I did not make, someone else in the community made special for this game. Two of those (two different robots) I made texture, rigging and animation for. The 3:de (a rifle) I've incorporated with a model of the main villain and made animations for.

So it is still very much my art and I have strived for keeping a similar look to what was used in the two earlier games.

I have now finished the third game in the Space Rangers serial
The two first

ep. 46 the Devil Within
ep. 52 the Redemption of Grisli Adams
where made with AGS

this one
ep. 8 the Rouge Robot is a 3D game

The game can be download from
My webpage

Each of the games in the serial can be played on its own. If going through all games the order in which they have been done (46, 52, 8) is in my opinion the best.

General Discussion / Re: Batman dead
« on: 15 Jun 2017, 20:26 »
As great a Batman as Adam West was, he was not the original Batman

Batman was played in 1943 by Lewis Wilson and in 1949 by Robert Lowery. Adam West was the third actor to play Batman (as far as I know).

The mayor in Family guy is based on Adam West, has the name Adam West, and the voice was indeed played by Adam West.


General Discussion / Batman dead
« on: 10 Jun 2017, 22:50 »

Adam West,the camp TV Caped Crusader of the 60s, has died.

I finished playing last night, thanks to a special build from Grok that solved a scripting error.

My comments on the game:

As one would expect from Grok and Blondbraid, this game holds a lot of promise. It's clear that a lot of work went into it. The graphics are really enjoyable in a Saturday-morning cartoon way. The story is fun and easy to follow and overall the game is a good playing experience. I like the in-game hint system so you almost never wonder "ok what comes next".

I found the puzzles to be mixed. The number of puzzles is on the low side for the length of the game. I think I played for about an hour before I encountered a puzzle (which I happened to need help for). Some of the other puzzles were "where's waldo" type puzzles plus a few action/arcade sequences.

As far as recommendations, if you want to improve the game I would suggest that you have a few people beta test it to iron out scripting errors. As you know I encountered one that led me to a dead-end where I spent hours trying to solve a puzzle that could not be solved because of a bug. In addition, there are things such as:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
- the hint tells you to go to the recycle plant floor 5 before the robot chase scene
- after zapping the robot in the chase scene, if you come back to that area of the church you enter the chase scene again

I found it hard to remember which doors are accessed by walking and which you need to use the hand to activate.

Things like this can be ironed out during testing.

As well, I would have a native English speaker review the spelling and grammar. "Buisness Hotell" should be "Business Hotel". There are many other spelling errors like this and sometimes the meaning of dialogues is not clear.

As I said, the game holds promise and was overall enjoyable and I had some good laughs. I hope my suggestions are useful for this game or future releases.


Thanks a lot for your comments. I appreciate them a lot.

I guess this one is more of a storytelling than a puzzle filled game. Glad you liked the story and had some laughs. That was what I was hoping for.
I had hoped for some more people commenting on that.

As some of you might have noticed I'm not much of a polisher. My stuff have rough edges, spelling and grammar mistakes.  On the other hand I actually publish stuff, which I probably would not if I was a perfection seeker.

I had intended to do a third episode of the Space Rangers, but that isn't going to happen, not now anyway.

Maybe I'll get back to AGS at a later point, but for now I will concentrate on other things.

Well we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle here.

Is there a particular reason you didn't want to post in the GiP?

I can move this back to wherever it was moved from (assuming it didn't break the rules of that board) if you wish to keep it out of here?

If it's going to stay in here it must adhere to the rules of course.

Thank you for asking before acting. I do appreciate that.

I do, however, not like this board and the rules of it. I recognize your right to set what ever rules you want and police them. I on the other hand have the option to not use the board if I don't like it and seek other ways to promote my game-making. Which is what I was trying to do. So I don't like it when someone is trying to put me to a place where I do not want to be.

Apparently I am not welcome to promote my game-making the way I want to do it, in General Discussion either, and I don't go where I am not welcome. So just lock the thread and I'll go away and will bother you anymore.

The AGS forums might not be the place for me.

Moving this to GIP. Please update the post to conform to the board rules.

I certainly will not. I have no wish, what so ever, to post anything on the AGS games in production board. Which is why I did not.

Also, that robot does not appear to be wearing rouge.

You are not funny. You are just being rude and I feel very unwelcome.

2017-05-24   New bug fixed download files are now uploaded.
The new files have "V2" in the name.

General Discussion / Roger Moore dead
« on: 23 May 2017, 22:53 »

To me he always will be the Saint



As far as that scene:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I played it a few times. The 2 results were either getting pushed off and dying or being saved by the taxi. I don't know what the user is supposed to do; all I did was click around wildly, not seeing any objective.

I appreciate the special build. I look forward to completing the game.

Link to special build sent as message.

How defeat the lizard
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
By Yaz' feet there is a blue hand symbol. Click it before the lizard gets to push Yaz.
You will now have a different ending to that scene.

I'll now get on to the bug fixing. :)


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You should have the option "Reichenbach Tower" at the end of the taxi list.

It's not there. How can I have it added?

Thank you

It looks like you are the victim of a bug in the game that I have missed.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You should have gotten the address to the tower after the attempt of the lizard to push you off the roof. There are three different possible endings of that scene. One of them seems to be missing the line of code that adds the address. That at least is the possibility I can see. That would in that case be the ending where Yaz gets pushed of the roof, but is saved by the taxi driver. Is that the ending you got when you played?

I'll look the code over later today and will hopefully be able to fix the bug. Should be quite easy if I am correct about what the problem is.

I'll also make a special version for you, where you can jump to the taxi with the tower address added. This way you can finish the game without having to replay a large part of the game. I'll note you when I've fixed that. You are close to the end.

The only way you could add the address in the version of the game you now have, if my hypothesis of the problem is correct, is to go to a save point before the roof scene, replay it and win over the lizard. You might like to do that to see the alternative ending of the scene, but you might not wish to replay everything after that point. Since I made the mistake and since I do appreciate the effort you have put in on this (and on earlier games), I'll make the special fix mentioned in the paragraph above just for you.

I'm sorry about the bug.

Stuck again.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I need to find the execution. I tried all locations available but no luck. Someone passed me a hint that it's on top of the tower. However, I can't get there buy taxi and the elevator is locked.

Help would be appreciated.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You should have the option "Reichenbach Tower" at the end of the taxi list.

AGS Games in Production / [ ON-HOLD ] [ ON-HOLD ] Space Rangers Ep. 8 - the Rouge Robot
« on: 22 May 2017, 20:41 »
We are happy to announce that our huge research team have found the original tapes of

This is the last episode of the serials that was taped in black and white. The tapes are now going through a thorough restoration.

While you are waiting for this to be finished, be sure to, if you have not already done so, take a look at the previously released restored episodes.

Ep. 46 - the Devil Within
Ep. 52 - the Redemption of Grisli Adams

In Space Rangers Ep. 52 I use lifebars in i fight scene

I use a gui for the bars. Using the width to show the length of the bar (in this case the gui for the main character is named gMeterBlue).

Height  16
Left    42
Top     39
Width  128

BackgroundColor  36
Clickable  false
Visibility Normal, initially off

Basically just a blue box 

I use an variable (int) for the health (in this case an int named iYazScore).

When ever something happens that changes the health/score I add or subtract from the iYazScore and call a function (Score()) to change the width of gMeterBlue.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function Score()
  2. {
  3.   if(iYazScore>0)
  4.      gMeterBlue.Width=iYazScore;
  5.   else
  6.    {
  7.      gMeterBlue.Width=1;   ////don't allow the width to go below 1 or you will get an error
  8.      gMeterBlue.Visible=false;
  10.           --------
  11.    }
  12.  ------
  13. }

The background behind the bars is in this case an object (the meter is shown in only one room). It could be another gui if the meter is to be shown in more rooms.

I hope this is of some help to you. :)

Besides, isn't Barbara the name usually associated withe the dolls?  :)


Congratulations on the release!

Been looking forward to this one for ages!!!

Thank you.

My first announcement on working on this game was in November 2016, so I guess ages must be within six and a half month then :D

On a side note, I now also have an account on
so there is an additional possibility to download should both download link and mirror on the game page should fail (but please try them first)

Hints & Tips / SR Ep.52 - the redemption of Grisli Adams
« on: 13 May 2017, 16:09 »
A couple of people have downloaded the game by now - thank you all.

There might be some need for hints and tips, so I start up this thread for that purpose.

To start off the game comes with a manual.

In the tricorder there is a notes function. It often can give you a hint on what to do next.

(the image is actually from episode 46, but the notes-icon [blue notebook with pencil] is the same)

Oh cool!
Congrats on the release on yet another game!  (nod)

And thanks for the mirror!  :-D

Thank you

You're welcome


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