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Completed Game Announcements / Re: BlindSweeper
« on: 19 Oct 2018, 21:29 »
Congrats on the release... and I'm very curious to test this!
I know a few blind/visual impaired persons, and I might just send them the link.

EDIT: So have played a few parties... got blown up once on purpose, once my accident and the last time I found the exit. :-D

Here's few comments from my play run:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
On the menu, there's a lag between her finish talking and the menu loading again (accepting new commands). Maybe a "end" sounds or a "load menu" again would be a nice additions. Cause after the "how to play" I pressed up, and nothing happened. So I assume the game had started, then I pressed right, and the game quit (since apparently I was still in the menu).
The voice over was nice, but think that after the first game start you should cut the audio clip to something short like just the first sentence, cause after a while starts to be too much, and you can't even click to skip it.
Also only on my last run I started to realize that the "thump" sound meant there was a wall in there. Maybe you could put a counter, and if the player has pressed like 5 times in a rown the same key and heard "thump" you could add a "Game.DoOnce" and say "this sounds means there's a wall there"...

I'm not sure how many mines there are in there, but I'm sure it's not minesweep advanced, since I found it pretty to navigate.

Anyway, good game!  Congrats in making such a game! I'll be sure to share it with those I know that might be want to play it. (nod)

Open the textgui, then click the spots where the bluecup is displayed and assign you empty sprite.

Alternatively, you can just go to the sprites manager, and replace the cup sprite with a blank sprite. You'll lose the bluecup sprite, so if you wish to use it in game just give it another number and then assign the empty sprite to that spot (number) where the "original cup" was.

Hope it helps

@Questlover: alternatively, play the game in windowed mode, and click outside the game window, that'll freeze the game.
If it doesn't then "multitasking" (thread?) has been enabled my the game author. But you can change it by editing the config file and turning it off.

Weee, another one I got right... and I suck at math. (laugh)
Adeel, you just hide the answer, btw.

Edit: @Tabata and rest of interested: Unless you got that line from a different alternate reality, I couldn't find it anywhere in the page, nor on the pages linking to the online test. I did however find it on the MensaKids->IQ tests for Kids... but it's mostly explaining how the test for kids works and cost (geez, do parents really pay 40 euros just to see if they're kids are really that smart?) And nowhere in that page thee's a link for the online test (I wanted to try the kids test and see if my 6y old could do it).
The online test is however linked under the Mensa, so I take it that IT IS the adult test.

To answer your questions about my pitch:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
There is a perfectly good reason for "them" not knowing. Let's say that someone, for 500 years ago, decided it would be best the general population did not know. ;) So history kind of tells a washed out and PC version of the events without going too deep into it, focusing more on the accomplishments since they got there.
And yes, story and play wise it would probably fit into two "chapters". Where in the first one you would need to get a ship that can travel the long distance (and yes FTL would be a necessity if the guy was to reach earth in his live time. No hibernation!). So in this chapter you would explore his home planet and do what needs to be done.
The second part of the story would start with him arriving on Earth and exploring. Guess he would probably look up his old old old old old ... old grandparent home and start from there as he looks for answers and eventually finally figures out the reason (which I'm not disclosing, unless you want to write the story ;) . )

Why you guys so focused on FTL? I have nothing planned for the travel part and feel that anything I could throw in there would just be perceived as "noise". But sure, if one wanted to expand the game, one could throw some obstacles and puzzles in there... (roll)

Anyway, unless someone likes the plot and wishes to write the story, I'll probably won't do more with it cause I suck at writing. :-[


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You did math on that on that one? 8-0
I just went 1-1=0,0-1=-1,-1+1=0; 0+1=1... Though with
out actually doing the math, more a logic sequence that felt right. And no, I wasn't sure, but the fact that the 0 repeats made me think go down, go up, go down, go up... So that was the logic I use to answer 1.

Don't give anything away! :)
It's fine to just tease us. ;-D

Here's some feedback (hold on reading it, if you wish to continue the guess the pitch game, otherwise you'll know which one was mine) ;)

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
- Fall Flat

I think this might be interesting and could work. However memory loss seems so used up that kind of put me off slightly. The story and game play would have to be awesome for it to work good.

- N00b

This one could have gotten my vote and sounded rather interesting up until the "simulate alternate reality...". So I most likely not be interested in it. Others who like this kind of game would surely be jumping in joy yo play though! :) So make it for them!

- Town of Nightmares

Sounds like a great game, though it kind of makes me unease how night sequence would work. Action? Something else? Probably the only reason i didn't vote for this one.

- Chekov’s Balance

Another one that sounds a bit out of my definition of "adventure game". Felt more like an interactive novel, where you basicly just make some dialogue choices that take you on a new story path.

- A Break From Reality

Another one that grabbed my attention to the end! Even though the start made me think of Lost... Why it didn't get my vote? I'm not really into survival games. Only reason! Honest! Story was really interesting.

- Happy Scrappy Hero Pup

I think this game will be so sweet and a kids game! Make the game play with pictograms and little to no text and you got a hit with small children! And I would play it to, cause I'm a sucker for dogs. :)

- The Other Paperclip

I like the setting and would probably play it, yet, like others have mentioned I have a bit of trouble figuring out how those smart aliens need humans to expand their knowledge. They seem to have the knowledge for space flight, terraforming and kidnapping already. I'm not sure what knowledge they could gain from "primitive" human brains.

- Found Footage

I liked this one from start to finish, so it got my vote! Even if I'm one of those that never got into BWP... I think the story is fresh and interesting, there's already a ton of potential puzzles to solve and a clear goal! Just not sure why the "screen reader" would be needed. Or is it just a nice feature you would like to implement?

Engine : AGS
Storyboarding (if any): AGS (or paper and my head, which probably explains a lot (laugh) )
Paint Backgrounds: Blender
Make Sprites: Blender
Make Animations: Blender
Sound Effects: Free sound effects or help from others (like CaptainD)
Music: Free or help from others

I thought it was
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1 but yes I'm not sure about it either

I got 27 right. A few ones I wasn't sure so I kind of guessed... wrong. (laugh)

And now I have a valid reason to refuse to use the Documents folder... (besides the fact that I like to decide where I store my files (roll) )

Thanks for the heads up, had actually forgotten about this. :-[
Voted now... some interesting pitches this round. (nod)

AGS Games in Production / Re: Whispers of a Machine
« on: 06 Oct 2018, 11:57 »
Congrats on reaching the milestone. (nod)
And those portraits, BG and characters look awesome!

General Discussion / Re: Edge or Chrome?
« on: 03 Oct 2018, 20:38 »
Yeah, Gurok suggested Pallemoon... I've just been way too lazy to do anything about it yet. :-[

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 03 Oct 2018, 18:12 »
He can take it where ever he likes. He won it fair and square. (laugh)

General Discussion / Re: Edge or Chrome?
« on: 03 Oct 2018, 18:12 »
I those are the only choices, then there is no choice... chrome wins... yet I don't like chrome. I prefer Firefox, though am looking at alternatives since FF isn't what it used to be. :~(

The last couple months it has been allowed to use any pre-made graphics... ;)

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 03 Oct 2018, 16:53 »
Ben takes the horse.. (laugh)

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 03 Oct 2018, 06:12 »
Hehehe... didn't even knew there was a game... (roll)

Anyway, sorry for the delay:

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