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That’s coz there are no leads, pudding. I just based my list on the Jetson’s criteria.

My vote goes to Sinitrena.

Oh blimey, is that the time. I should be... asleeee... zzzzzzzzz

[My bad. I’d missed the bit about no talking in the night phase]

I can only ask you to trust that I am not a werewolf... or am I?
But seriously I’m not... or am I?
No honestly, I’m not... ooooor?

It looks interesting enough to have a go but from the pictures it just looks like a fan remake or rehash rather than a sequel.

Also, maybe I’m just being silly but something irks me about the way they call it ‘the unofficial sequel’ rather than ‘an unofficial sequel.’ Surely being unofficial there is no ’the’ about it. ’the’ implies that there was some form of authorization or permission involved.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME (TURN #2, DAY PHASE)
« on: Yesterday at 14:20 »
How about we share our top 3 gut instinct suspects for who the werewolves are? I’m going Selmiak, Sinitrena and Josiah.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME (TURN #2, DAY PHASE)
« on: Yesterday at 02:46 »
Sorry for my absence. I’ve been... err... fasting... that was the growl you hear, Selmiak. I heard the wolves got someone. Screw them hairy bastards. Why? Surely I’m not under suspicion? I’m an upstanding pillar of the community.

And why do you all smell of wolfsbane mojitos?

Competitions & Activities / Re: Coloring Ball: Flora
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 08:39 »
Anyone else had the same nsfw idea as me? (laugh)
A penis plant?
I’m [...] ashamed to say that’s exactly what I was thinking.

General Discussion / Re: Invited to the desert
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 08:37 »
I quite like the story. I would have preferred to have read the actual story rather than this summary but yeah, I can see it working quite well. My only thing is is there really much difference in humanitarianism between beheading and hanging? Both can go equally wrong. Even lethal injections get bodged fairly frequently.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Coloring Ball: Flora
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 23:38 »
Anyone else had the same nsfw idea as me? (laugh)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Picking up objects..
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 23:30 »
For me, highlighting objects on hovering is a good thing because it decreases pixel-hunting, although I sometimes wonder why we’ve decided pixel-hunting has to be such a bad thing all the time. Finding useful items is part of the fun. Working out which things in a room are worth clicking on* is even more fun.

I’m less a fan of games where you press a button and it highlights all the possible objects in the room. That’s basically an in-game walkthrough. You might as well just give the player all the items at the start of the game to save time.

*This is also why I prefer adventure games with lots of clickable things, lots of descriptions, lots of interactions. Because if you only allow me to interact with the core elements of the room then you’re holding my hand too much. I need the illusion that I’ve got a bunch of stuff and I’m working out how to proceed for myself. I don’t want the game overtly dictating what happens next.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME (TURN #1, DAY PHASE)
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 12:27 »
I’m itchin’ for s lynchin’? Hurry up night-time.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME (TURN #1, DAY PHASE)
« on: 18 Jul 2018, 15:07 »
One way to avoid any unfairness in the event that someone does edit their post is to subscribe to the notifications. You’ll get sent the original message. So if there is an edit made you can check the emails and see what edits were made.

I should be the new Derren Brown.

Here’s the final table adjusted to account for criteria I couldn’t implement automatically.

First of all, thank you to everyone who took part in this prediction league. It was great fun to host.
Thanks also to Khris, whose contribution to the spreadsheet four years ago still forms the bones of the spreadsheet used this time.
I hope you all enjoyed it, even though Haggis dominated from quite early on, I hope that you enjoyed some of the tussles going on further down the table.
Shortly I will upload the final adjusted table.

Now to the result. Of course.
Well done to HAGGIS. You are the winner of the tournament.
There is a little prize. I hereby present you with the AGS Prediction League World Cup courtesy of your closest rival, ManicMatt. Thanks Matt.

Competitions & Activities / Re: MAGS June "Ice" (RESULTS)
« on: 16 Jul 2018, 04:06 »
The voting is over and the results have been carefully counted and the winner is (by quite a margin):

Don't Ice Your Cool by Hobo. You will be contacted soon about choosing a topic for August.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

I was just flicking through some of his previous posts to try and find s clue of how to track him down. Instead I found this in a post about Ashen, who similarly vanished before him. In his own words:

He's gone AWOL one day. I still remember him fondly. But well, it happens. Some people leave.

I also note that in his last post he says he was going through hard times. That’s worrying.

If you’re lurking, hope you’re okay, Ghosty.

He’s gone awol a couple of times before for quite long stretches but then popped back to say hello. Hopefully he’ll float in again at some point.

Not everyone has put in their guesses for the final. If you have already, thanks for that. Otherwise, you have until 4pm UK time... but remember the site is closed 2-3 pm.

Remember there are 9 points to be had, so while the tournament may be pretty much over, you still have a chance to gain a few positions against your closest rivals.

Good luck tonight everyone. And thanks for being part of this game.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME
« on: 15 Jul 2018, 05:27 »
Count me in. I’ve played this on IRC a handful of times but never really enough to get into the psychology of it.

I also hope my ‘no member of the royal guard would pretend to forget the gender of our monarch’ might have helped trick the assassin into thinking that I was the monarch and had been upset by Josiah’s comment. By this point I was already 90% sure he was the assassin and was happy to take a bullet for the cause.

The Jetsons thing was just me being silly. It had no relevance whatsoever other than maybe creating a cloud of confusion.

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