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Hello my friends woah nelly what year is it? Anyway hi, I would like to go to mittens and see all you good good kids! AGA knows this I've just been too busy to post it Official-like, so here I am posting it Official-like!

This place looks super cool! It's probably not TOO "away from it all", though its definitely worth checking to see how far it is from the city!

Just wanted to confirm that now that we have some dates and a pretty nice house (I want to make things in that kitchen!), I am a definite definite, not just a secretly tentative definite like I was before!

Just thought I'd pop in and say I'm definitely going to be there 'cause I ain't no square and this is the closest Mittens has ever been to me, as long as it does eventually wind up on the west coast somewhere. I can't wait to bug everybody in person again!

General Discussion / Re: How many can you name
« on: 18 Sep 2009, 05:56 »
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
The girl going after the fairies is from ZanZarah. I'm too lazy to name more.

Why's the spoiler code different here than it is everywhere else >:|

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Back Door Man
« on: 12 Aug 2009, 23:38 »
I call this upload the Pesty-Stee-Becky Edition!  :=

Save naming an upload after me for after I ask for more penis movement in the naked walking animation.

Oh wait, I already asked for that. Nevermind.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Back Door Man
« on: 11 Aug 2009, 09:42 »
Hey guess what I broke your game.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
When the old lady dies from her seizure (how do I give her her pills!) dude gets in a loop saying "I'm not sticking around!" and then he starts walking towards the lady's bathroom and then back to the front door, says his line again, rinse, repeat, crash.

p.s. Thank you for allowing me to fufill my lifelong dream of being a male escort.

If you're really antsy, do what I suggested and start scoping spaces, sirs. Holland, Italy, the Moon, wherever! CJ's right, though, we don't really seriously start thinking about it until like January, when it's a bit more realistic to plan.

Don't worry, guys, it really doesn't matter where we're at. We're adventure gamers. We can make any place fun.

I can 100% guarantee that I made everything up as I went along. There was probably some sort of plot involved, but I was mostly unaware of it.

Man, next you'll tell us you've been grounded from watching videos made by us. Excuses, excuses!

Eric, you basically lived in the pool, which was probably the most sensible thing to do because everywhere out of the pool was nightmare hot.

Also, that thing you did is kind of like one of those character introductions in the credits of a telenovela, and by that I mean, completely awesome.

That was terrible and I loved it. I think it is only appropriate that we filmed everything but solving the case.

Hey. Hey.

Layabout makes a good point.

Let's stay in a castle. There are castles in Holland right.

Holy cowzalive, guys. This is kind of amazing.

Here is what I propose for right now. Let's look at places in BOTH Holland and Italy. Houses, places we might want to visit, etc. If we find an amazing deal on a place, with enough room for those interested and a good price, we put it on a list. We, as a group, can be the hosts, no matter where it takes place. It's helpful to have locals, but unnecessary. As for any argument over who has the right to be a host, it should be anyone willing to do what little work is involved to be the host. Period.

As soon as we start making it elitist and only allow certain people to do things, we begin to fall apart as a community and then Mittens becomes less "buddies hangin' out havin' fun" and more "only the cool kids get to go".

Am I saying that Darth or Nacho are proposing this? Not so much, no, but it's treading a dangerous path. I appreciate their point, but our chaos has worked well in the past, and will continue to work well, no matter who books the house and "hosts".

Hahaha, oh you creepy bastards and your girl scout obsession. Won't you ever learn!

I definite like both locations, though Italy appeals to me a little more (sorry, Holland!). Hopefully by then I'll have some sort of stability that'll allow me to go outside of the country (a passport wouldn't hurt either, I suppose). I'm sick of missing meetins!

I returned home last night and I am still stupid from the heat. It was awesome meeting those I haven't met before and awesome seeing all those I have. All was fun.

Grund, I hate your car and your state's weather and mosquitos. I'm so happy to back in the correct altitude and temperature, even though I have a cold (thanks a lot, Europeans!!!) and my head is ringing from coming so far up from sea level. Still, it was all well worth the bites, bruises, cuts, and cold!

I look forward to seeing a million pictures and videos!

Why did Hancock sign so big? Day of the Tentacle taught me that it was because he'd been told that "chicks dig a guy with a big... signature", but I am not totally convinced by that...

This was a document that meant a lot to all these men who signed it. The first to do so was Hancock, and he did it so largely because he wanted everyone to see that he supported it. He just was super entusiastic about the Declaration. There are a couple stories of him going "They won't have to use spectacles to read THAT", which is hilarious but probably untrue.

General Discussion / Re: Question for Chris Jones.
« on: 13 Mar 2009, 03:24 »
Hey, kiddo! I know you're all excited to be on a new forum full of new people, and I'm sure you want to be friends with people like you! That's great, but don't forget that this is a forum about adventure games and AGS, and it doesn't really matter what your religion is or if you've had sex or whatever. We are all buddies here (except me, I'm a jerk to everyone!).

Maybe you should take a break from making threads for now, especially since everything you're asking is pretty personal for a public internet forum. But if you want to talk about Full Throttle, or dinosaurs or something, that'd be cool!

General Discussion / Re: Best Game Over Ever
« on: 25 Feb 2009, 04:35 »
Total Distortion's game over song was done by Joe Sparks, aka the dude behind Radiskull and Devil Doll.

That's all I have.

Guys, lets be reasonable here.

We can't actually see Jupiter, or any other planets. Those are just spotlights the government used to distract us from the giant ice wall that keeps us from seeing the underside of our flat earth.

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