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General Discussion / AGS Image Host?
« on: 26 Jul 2018, 13:50 »
I'd like to improve the image hosting situation for myself and the AGS community. We have a variety of image hosts we use like Imgur and Photobucket, but anything free that's out there seems to come with a catch or annoying "features".

I currently use Imgur. I'm perhaps feeling a little more motivated because Imgur's drag and drop broke sometime last year for me and it doesn't look like they're planning to fix it. There's also the matter of Imgur's images being a bit too ephemeral for my liking. Imgur discards images that aren't accessed regularly and this breaks some older forum posts.

I've looked into the costs of running such a server and it doesn't seem all that prohibitive. I think I'd be willing to pay for this even if it were just for me.

I can purchase for a nominal amount (22 EUR / year) via
There's a script called Chevereto that I could run on a dedicated host:
It doesn't seem all that expensive to purchase a licence either
Dedicated hosting ranges in price, starting at about ~$2/mo
I thought about running it from home, but I wouldn't have the bandwidth.

I don't want to donate time to this, just a little cash to set it up and hopefully have it run itself.

I was thinking of opening it up to AGS users on an invitation basis to begin with. At a later date, I might set up some sort of cookie-based authentication to allow signups for logged in members.
I would be fine with people using it for any purpose, not just AGS.

Would you use an image host like this if it existed?

As I noted in my post above, not all sprites keep their links. Sprites copied from clipboard and sprites imported using "tiled import" feature do not have links stored.

Also, nothing has its transparency status stored AFAIK. That 'replace sprite(s) from source' convenience feature uses whatever the dialogue box was last set to.

SPOILER WARNING! Please don't read any further if you haven't watched the series and want to avoid spoilers.

Is anyone else watching Star Trek: Discovery? I'm really enjoying it.

I've read rumours that the Discovery might be a section 31 craft. Some are saying it's the mirror universe (unlikely, I think). There's also a theory that the Discovery's spore drive might propel the crew into the future. It's certainly fun to speculate though.

Oh, speaking of the spore drive, I couldn't help but think of AnasAbdin when watching it. The Discovery's spore drive is Tardigrades powered!

What do you think of the Klingons? I don't like the look, personally, but I'm still holding out on an in-universe explanation that ties it together with both the 60s Peurto Rican gold lamé look and the 80s/90s/00s heavy metal lobster-on-head look.

I've got to say, I liked the series more at episode 3 than I did after episode 4. Episode 3 left me thinking it was some kind of weird X-Files ship where weird phenomena were present, but ep 4 cleared that up and now the whole things much more grounded again.

What do you guys think of the series so far? What do you like/dislike about it?

And while we're talking sci-fi, there's a lot on at the moment (the Orville, Red Dwarf). I watched the first few episodes of the Orville. I was expecting to hate it but I don't. I mean, I really don't like Family Guy and Seth Macfarlane in general, but it's better than I was expecting. The jokes are flat, Seth isn't much of a character, but if you can get past that, it's a good B-show for Star Trek: Discovery. The effects are surprisingly good. The stories are good and touch on some relevant social issues, though one episode clearly rehashed a Twilight Zone story. It's got heart and you can tell that Seth is a big Trek fan.

Enough of my thoughts. What do you all think of Discovery (and other sci-fi that's on right now)?

In the index.css file used on invidiual game pages, can you change this class (line 1307) from:

Code: CSS
  1. .gameAuthorOtherGameRole
  2. {
  3.     margin-left: 230px;
  4. }


Code: CSS
  1. .gameAuthorOtherGameRole
  2. {
  3.     float: left;
  4.     padding-left: 8px;
  5.     width: 230px;
  6. }

and add "overflow: hidden" to gameAuthorOtherGamesArea (line 1323):

Code: CSS
  1. .gameAuthorOtherGamesArea
  2. {
  3.     clear: left;
  4.     padding-top: 5px;
  5.     overflow: hidden;
  6. }

This will make the game entries in the list line up when game titles span over multiple lines.

Note: A better way to fix this would be to surround each other game entry with a tag that had "clear: left", but this will do in the meantime and is probably simpler to implement.

24 Hours of AGS

Theme: Hide!

In this competition, the goal is to build a game that follows a theme, from scratch in under 24 hours. It can be thought of as an extended hour game or a short MAGS. Only the default templates are allowed. All other graphics, sounds, text and code must be NEW.

The theme will be announced in IRC and posted in this thread when the competition begins.

The competition will start at:
12 PM on Saturday the 25th of February (London time)

And finish at:
12 PM on Sunday the 26th of February (London time)

You can check the start time in your local time zone by clicking on the links above.

These times won't work for everybody, and that's part of the challenge. You have *up to* 24 hours. If the competition starts while you're at work, you have the time following that. If the competition finishes at 5 AM for you, you have as long as you're willing to hold out for.

There will be some people who decide to stay up and use the entire 24 hours. This is not expected, and people who do so will be fighting sleep deprivation.

What IS expected of a 24-hour game? Nothing more than an hour game in quality. In fact, if you can spare an hour during the competition period, you can enter.

To help equalise the playing field, there will be three voting categories (and hopefully trophies):
 - Best art
 - Best gameplay ("fun factor")
 - Best overall *optional*

There will also be a special award for the earliest submission.

Teams are not allowed. This is about what YOU can do in 24 hours, 12 hours, an hour, or however much time you can spare.

If you don't have time to enter, please keep reading. You can still participate by submitting a theme.

Submitting a theme:

The theme will be chosen at random from submissions received via PM. Submissions will be open until the competition begins. To submit your theme, PM me with the subject "24 hours of AGS Theme".

If you submit a theme, you agree to return to vote when the competition has concluded. Voting will last for one week.

Theme submitters CAN enter the competition, but do so under the honour system. If your theme is selected, it is expected that you have not put any prior effort into a game with that theme.

Current phase: Competition open

  • Theme submission
  • Competition open
  • Voting
  • Winners announced

Thank you to everyone who submitted a theme. We had 11 submissions in total.

You now have 24 hours (should you choose to accept the challenge) to construct a game from scratch using one of the default AGS templates.

The theme was:

Hide! (submitted by Ponch)

The games submitted were:

Easter Island Defender
by Mandle
Like a Fox!
by Jack!.zip
Where Be Dragons?
by Gurok
Smooth Hide
by Cassiebsg
by Dualnames
by brewton

Voting is now complete.

Please vote (1 vote per category) for:
 - Best art
 - Best gameplay
 - Best overall (optional)

We will tally the votes to find the winners.

Voting will be open for ONE WEEK.

The awards go to:

Best Art: Tie between Smooth Hide by Cassiebsg and CyberJACK by brewton
Best Gameplay: Like a Fox! by Jack
Best Overall: Where Be Dragons by Gurok

Thank you to everyone who participated. Hope to see you again next time!

Hello all,

Our trivia game on IRC (#ags) has a noticeable lack of adventure-themed trivia questions. I'm calling on the AGS community for help. One of us could sit down and write all of the questions, but this sort of thing benefits from having a variety of sources.

We have plenty of other questions, so this isn't a call for general submissions. Please post only after verified adventure game trivia questions and answers. When we get enough (100+), I'll collate them all and update the trivia database.

The general format of a question is:

Here's an example:
Who was the host of the Dating Connection in Leisure Suit Larry 2?*Biff Barf

Your question can also have multiple phrases for an answer:
Question*Answer|The Answer

And you can optionally have a category:
Category: Question*Answer

There's also a "chaos" format for questions, where each answer is awarded points until the time runs out for the question. These take the format:
Question*Answer 1*Answer 2*Answer 3*...*Answer N

Chaos questions might be something like... name all of the entries in the King's Quest series.

Players get the answer masked out as a hint, so you'd needn't worry about punctuation. For instance, King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown would become (in hint form):
****'* ***** *: ***** *** *** *****

Thanks and get submitting!

Whenever I go to the All Games list in AGS Games, I find myself sorting the list by release date to see what's new:

I think it'd be a much more sensible default sort.

The current default sort is by name. It's a useful sort if you're looking for a specific title, but we have a search field for that.

Editor Development / Ctrl+M
« on: 24 Oct 2016, 05:34 »
Ctrl+M lets you switch between a script file and its header.

How would people feel about this also switching between a room script and its pictorial representation?

I use this shortcut all the time, and to me this seems very natural.

The Rumpus Room / Trivia!
« on: 10 Sep 2016, 12:45 »
We hold a trivia quiz on IRC every Saturday (3 PM London time / midnight Melbourne time)

There are no prizes, but plenty of friendly competition! It's loads of fun!

We usually have five or six competitors, but we'd love to have more.

The majority of the trivia database comes unchanged from the 90s. There are questions about West Germany, 1950s music (for the baby boomers) and plenty of scientific research that's since been disproven. Babar's been working on modernising our database, but until that's complete, we're considering it part of the challenge.

Anyway, please drop by. The quiz is due to start in about two hours from the time of this post.

Channel: #ags

UPDATE: There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Nothing big. Random Steam keys!

I'd like to see if we can compile some rules for *really good* adventure game design. i.e. What not to do. Reply with rules of your own.
Thread title inspired by the fantastic YouTube series "How to draw really good" by Oliver, Age 24.

I'll start.

(Before you read further, these aren't directed at anyone in particular. I think we've all considered or perhaps done these at some point. I'm just trying to shine a different light on them and perhaps bring a little levity. You are also free to take one of these and argue the opposite. I don't mind.)

Good games come in parts. Better games come in more parts.
You've got a great story idea, but you're petrified of writing an ending. What do you do? Release the introduction you spent a very long time on and call it the first part of a series. No, your vision is grander than that. The *prologue* of the first part of the first *act* of a series. There, that's better. And until you've written it, the ending will remain perfect, as envisioned, in your imagination. Remember, they're not plot holes if you never resolve the plot! Motivation's also running low and this release should help stoke the embers. That's how it works, right? People will be queueing for miles to get their hands on the next part and if they don't, it's because they don't understand your art. Nobody liked Robert Jordan's first book, but he kept at it. Persistence.

Who am I? Not the Jackie Chan film.
You don't have a story, but you have some cool environments and a few puzzles. Can you still make a good game out of that? Damn right you can. Okay, who is the main character? What's your identity? Let's see... uh... what about... you don't remember? You don't remember who you are. And how did you get there? You don't remember that either. Finally, what's the character's supposed to be doing? Let's just say the character doesn't remember that either. Whew. That's the bulk of the writing out of the way then. You're all set to tell that story about being alone on an abandoned spaceship with only a jumble of VHS-quality surveillance recordings too short to provide any substantial plot. No? Okay, a mysterious island with almost no human inhabitants that serves a paper-thin facade for some surprisingly setting-neutral puzzles. Bonus points if you make it first-person pre-rendered 3D.

When it comes to pixels, think big (and small).
We all know how great 320x200 games are. Part of what makes them so good, it could be argued, is their limited resolution. It serves to reason then that *more* limitations should result in a better game. 160x200 games were pretty much twice as good as the 320x200 ones. It gets even better when you halve the resolution again or invent your own resolutions that have no historical significance. Naturally, this improvement in quality reaches a peak at the point of singularity. All games are best played on a single pixel, flashing to inform you of what's happening. Low resolutions also make a REALLY good cover for your limited art skills. I mean, nobody can judge your art that harshly when you tell them that the resolution dictates a cat should be about the same shape as a kettle. To take the pressure off, consider a variable scale for your art. If you can't draw a cat, that means the cat should be drawn with larger pixels. Simple things like furniture and boxes should be drawn with smaller pixels. This is still "retro". Nobody cares about that authenticity thing anyway.

General Discussion / Niece's Birthday
« on: 15 Jun 2016, 03:13 »

I need some advice. I have a niece whose birthday is coming up (1st of October) and she likes these little things called Shopkins:

She's turning 11 and I've missed every birthday of hers so far (bad uncle, I know).

I thought I'd be a good uncle by getting her a 3DS and Pokémon Moon:

She likes collecting things. She doesn't have a 3DS. It was pretty much a no-brainer -- the perfect present!

This morning though, I discovered that the new Pokémon games won't be out till the 18th of November!

This leaves me in a bit of a predicament. The Pokémon games available before her birthday (1st of October) are the previous-generation titles, Pokémon X and Y. I don't want to get her a game that's three years old right on the cusp of a new one being released.

I'm thinking I might get her a 3DS + some other game instead, then Pokémon for Christmas. That works out rather well as it solves Christmas too.

I have no idea what to get her though. I'm hoping forum people who have a 3DS might be able to recommend a game.

So, what do you think?

Do you have any game recommendations?

Alternatively, should I just get her the crusty old Pokémon X or Y? Will she even care? I remember getting a Micro Vs. System for my birthday and being so sad that it wasn't a Gameboy, but it's not like she really knows about Pokémon at the moment.

Editor Development / What happened to TeamCity?
« on: 08 Jun 2016, 02:20 »
This is mostly aimed at Sonneveld, who I think manages the TeamCity stuff.

TeamCity tests used to get run automatically on all AGS pull requests, but this seems to have stopped happening.

I remember the PSP build was broken for a long time, then briefly, there were a few pull requests that passed all tests. Now it seems a pull request doesn't trigger the running of tests at all.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Editor Development / Setup program improvement
« on: 28 May 2016, 15:15 »
You have "Custom saved games path" in basic settings, CW. I think that's an overestimate of how often people will need it. Move it to advanced settings.

Also, some advice. Forgive me if it's overly presumptuous. I think we should take cues from the Unity setup tool:

Ignoring the Input tab, it's:
  • The three or four most commonly toggled options
  • Options with short labels, like "Windowed" instead of "Run in a window instead of full screen"
  • Some visual representation of the game it's associated with

I suggested we move towards this a while ago and made a mockup:

I know the mockup is incomplete and inaccurate, but for the most part, we are pretty close. I kept "Language" as one of the basic settings because I thought that would most often be changed. Similarly, people often toggle the Display Driver setting to resolve compatibility issues. 90% of the settings are fine at their defaults and I think Filter would be fine in Advanced. Just give people nearest neighbour by default. I consider windowed implied when you're in a window-based OS and full screen the exceptional state. I think that's why I put "Full screen" there. I wouldn't really care if we copied Unity directly and had "Windowed".

My dream would be to have it read "cover.png" from the game directory and show the pic above the settings. Pictures are very good for usability. They help people to form positive associations between the window that appeared and their original intent ("I have launched the right program" v/s "where am I now?"). We're both busy though. Ignore anything if it just seems like I'm making more work.

The all unread topics view (Show unread posts since last visit -> Click here to try all unread topics) isn't working for me:;all;start=0

This is the only forum view I use! The error I get is:

Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.

I've tried marking all topics as read, but that hasn't helped. :(

Critics' Lounge / Curvy floor or straight edge?
« on: 21 Mar 2016, 23:48 »

I'm having a fight with my artist. Which do you think is better? Curvy floor or straight edge?

Also, general C&C is welcome.

The Dark Plague

You are a charlatan, trapped in the previous doctor's home while the townspeople outside are screaming for your blood. Make a cure or find a way to escape before they end you.

Created for MAGS January, 2016.

>> Download here <<

Editor Development / Strings Again
« on: 31 Jan 2016, 11:26 »
I was going to reply to the thread, but I thought it best to break this off into a new discussion.

I don't know if this was the case before, but in this version you cannot do :
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. String s=null;
  2. if (s=="")
  3. {
  4.    //do something
  5. }

If you do that, the game stops with message "null pointer referenced" when trying to evaluate t=="".
I understand the underlying mechanism (there's probably an implicit something like s.GetValue() going on at some stage) but it doesn't feel right.

This was always like that because "==" operator between 2 strings was translated into "compare two strings".
It does not seem like there is any other reasonable effect of comparing a string reference and string literal. The operator cannot compare a pointer value and "", because "" is a valid string object (and null reference is not a valid object).
This is also why there is String.IsNullOrEmpty() function to be used instead of 's == ""'.

This explains why it happens, but not what the rationale was for making it this way.

I found another thread referencing this design decision:

From what I can tell, this isn't like C#. C# does a reference comparison between the two objects unless they're both non-null. There are no null reference exceptions thrown.
It's somewhat like Java's approach, but Java doesn't balk if the second value is null, e.g. "ABC".CompareTo(null) causes an exception in AGS but wouldn't in Java.
C++ doesn't allow null std:strings and the C equivalent (strcmp) leaves the behaviour when passing NULLs as undefined.

So where DID this style of handling nulls come from? It seems ultra conservative. Is there any desire to bring this more in line with C#? Where:

Code: [Select]
"a".CompareTo(null); // false
String a = null; a.CompareTo("b"); // null reference exception
"a" == null // false
String a = null; a == "b" // false

I understand the principles of error hiding, but it feels to me like these are sensible defaults and not masking programming errors. Nobody is assuming a value is non-null if myString != "abc" succeeds. It also currently means developers must have some idea of how strings work under the hood (and the limitations of the CompareTo function). It's generally not a good design when the end user has to be aware of the implementation.

<<     Garage Sale     >>

I'm going to hold a garage sale (or yard sale if you prefer).
I've found a bunch of stuff in my garage, but I'm having trouble identifying it all!
I need your help! The unidentified items are all one of three shapes:


I need you to:
1. Colour one shape and present the item to me. It should be a bit faded or damaged, as most garage sale stock is
2. List a price for the item
3. Provide a little bit of info about the item's history, so I can remember why I'm selling it

At the end, I'll gather them all and we'll see which one sells the fastest (gets the most votes).

You can draw anything you might find in a garage (or yard) sale. Some suggestions:
Clothing, dolls, furniture, books, VHS tapes, CDs, as-seen-on-TV kitchen appliances, hi-fi systems, board games, car parts
Or anything else you might reasonably find at a garage sale.


Fill at least one shape.
You may colour the outline.
You may rotate the shapes 90, 180, 270, 360 degrees only.
You may not flip any of the shapes horizontally or vertically.
You may use animation within the shape.

Submission deadline is the 30th of November.
Voting will begin on the 1st of December.
Voting is open until the 8th of December.

The competition is now over. Congratulations to Bavolis!


We have some lovely trestle table trophies to celebrate the convention of laying things out on trestle tables at garage sales.

1st                2nd                3rd


The Jimi Hendrix Case (Release 2)

CatPunter and I entered our short game, the Jimi Hendrix Case, into the July MAGS competition. It's a game where you play as Jimi Hendrix in a world full of Jimi Hendrixes, trying to solve the murder of Jimi Hendrix. Turns out, our game won! We were pretty happy about that. It was also clear that we were pretty short on time and a lot of what we'd planned got cut. We're hoping to release a second, more complete version by Christmas this year.

Positions Available:
We are looking for an amazing, all-round Jimi Hendrix impersonator. You must also be able to do falsetto or baritone for the opposite sex. No previous experience necessary, but post a clip of your best Jimi, or PM me for modesty. There are 361 lines in the game. We can't offer you any monetary compensation, but you'll get your name in the credits. I might buy you a small Christmas present, but we really have no funds for it and it's a free game.

Submissions close as soon as we find someone. Work to be finished by the 20th of December, 2015.

This is an unpaid position, but we try to have a professional attitude.
A clean audio setup is always appreciated.
We work over Skype, so having Skype (mostly for messaging) is a big plus.
We're not looking for perfection. If this thread is still open and nobody's replied, chances are the position's still vacant, so have a go!

The Jimi Hendrix Case

Enter the world of Jimi Hendrix, police detective. In a world where everyone is Jimi Hendrix, only Jimi Hendrix can piece together clues and find who killed Jimi Hendrix.

Created for MAGS July, 2015.

>> Download here <<

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