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Let the voting commence!

Promises (dualnames): probably the most developed song of the contest, having a definite begin/middle/ending and a recognisable love thematic. Liked the nippon vibes! 3 points

I recommend love2d (ibispi): saturnine and deep, the most moving of all tunes and probably the one with most interesting sound choices. 2 points

Ogon's entry by Ogon: very well orchestrated, albeit in my opinion the "love" theme is scant at the beginning and gets lost in the second part. 1 point

"Her number on my palm" and "Trouble in Paradise" were quality entries too, with their distinctive flavour. Really great entries this month!

An hour late... :P

Here's ART HEIST 3000

Very nicely done gameboy. Your game has a definite beginning/middle/end, plus a puzzle, plus some funny line.

I vote ibispi because he managed to make it in the allotted timeframe.

Interesting idea and visual choices ibispi.

Theme is: ART.

Oh that was very nice :) You've got a really good feeling for harmonic, renaissance-like composing. Thanks for gifting that little gem to us. I would love to hear a more looped version of this in some fairytale-like medival adventure game at some time :)

Thanks Kumpel, I am teaching myself some music and decided this competition was a great way to get started.

I liked the entries so far, I hope to see more!

Will the baby have DLCs? :wink:

Congrats to you both!

Here is mine:

Thanks to ibispi for having uploaded it for me.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / AGS Awards 2015: SOON
« on: 25 Dec 2015, 09:57 »
AGS Awards 2015 ceremony will be Sun 15th May at 8pm (UK) using the AGS Ceremony client.
A download link will be available here before the weekend. Previous versions will not be compatible.
Please check back soon for the download link!
NOPE! Wait for Jack Lucy to let us know when the client is ready.

Festive greetings, developers!

As usual, I am here to remind you that you need to add your game to the Database before the year is over if you want it to participate in the AGS Awards 2015!
Don't procrastinate, do it now!

This year I won't be running them, if you want to pick up the task (very simple task, 95% of the work is done by AGA and Snarky), contact one of them!

AGS wiki updated with the results


IRC log of the night.

Ceremony in less than 30 minutes!

Join via the The AGS Awards game-ceremony 2014 to follow the ceremony and via web browser IRC to chat and socialise!

It is decided. Ceremony will be at

Sunday 22 March, 20:00 London time

The AGS Awards game-ceremony 2014


IRC client of your choice (like xchat) (tutorial here), or just use your web browser (warning: more of a resource hog and a high risk of failure!).
Server: Rooms: #ags and #awards

I didn't count on my "no" being an absolute veto; you can stick them up again if you want.

Not at all, it's too late anyway. Cast your votes folks!

Whoo boy! A date! Guess I have my deadline...

But what sort of off-brand Doodle version is that you're using, bici?

I recently had some problems with doodle, so I started looking for alternatives. Dudle seems solid and is open source (AGPLv3), so that was my pick (who knows, in the future it may be handy to host an instance on

Did the 22:00 columns just disappear?

Yes! It is paramount for the game-ceremony developer to be there (ready with ductape, ready to be applauded), and apparently Snarky goes to bed early (lucky him!).

Voting is over, time to decide when to hold the big ceremony!

Cast your preferences here! (All times are London time)

If you forgot, the way to attend is the The AGS Awards game-ceremony 2014 (thanks Snarky for having picked up the development!).

If you can't use the game (you run Linux, etc.), pick an IRC client (like xchat) (tutorial here), or just use your web browser (warning: more of a resource hog and a high risk of failure!).
Server: Rooms: #ags and #awards

Does anyone have a copy of I'm not crazy, right? - The Cell? Sounds interesting somehow...

AGS Archives link should do the trick (it is working for me). Indeed a nice game.

Titanic effort, bravo! :-*

Well, if you haven't noticed already, voting is open!
Vote here!

Nominations are out!
Grab them while they are hot HERE!

An interesting question here. Suppose game A contains characters Jim and Bob, who get ten votes each, and game B contains character Mary, who gets fifteen votes. Does the "best character" award go to game A, which scored 20 votes against B's 15; or should it go to game B, since Mary got more votes than either Jim or Bob?

Mary, I say, as it's not Best Characters but Best Character.

Shouldn't we be able to specify which character are we nominating for Best Character? This feature was available during last year's nominations. Now is probably too late to fix this though (yep, I have discovered this issue just a day before the deadline :))...

Duly noted, I'll see if we can whip something (someone?) for phase ][.

Nominating will close soon, I'll tally the votes ASAP. For now I can share 56 (fiftysix) people nominated.

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