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Sorry this is a bit late, I wasn't expecting to win...

This week's sprite jam:

A timepiece...

An inventory item with something to do with time.
I want to see clocks, hourglasses and time machines, people!

Size: 50x50
Colours: No more than 36 million.

Photoshopping isn't drawing a completely new image -- It's editing images to create a new image, such as editing one image or combining several images.

Also, you don't have to specifically use Photoshop -- Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint, or any other programs can be used.


Let us try and put out of our minds the excesses of the reign of DG (thanks for choosing me by the way Mr Macphee). I think Photoshop Phriday should be run as a contest like sprite jams, with the winner setting the next topic and so on.

This week's topic is After they were adventure game characters, I want to see the career path chosen by ex-adventure game star/s.

Olivia for example starred in the hit movie Pulp Fandango:

But maybe some other characters did less well for themselves... what do you think?

I hope this is the right forum, I need some help.

I've just bought Alone in the Dark 2 on floppy disks but it doesn't have the manual so I can't solve the copy protection puzzles.

I have some playing cards that help me work out the password/symbol, but I don't have the manual that should tell me which function keys correspond with which symbols.

I'm not trying to do anything illegal - it's not a copied game - I just wondered if anyone could help me... please?

Critics' Lounge / A gnarly tree stump - Updated...
« on: 06 Jan 2004, 00:33 »
This isn't for a game in particular I've just been experimenting:

My rendering software is very poor and it isn't really capable of building a whole room without causing errors. What would people think of a game made up of bits and pieces of images like this one, in the vein of the Blue Ice?

I'm just musing, so I'd be pleased to hear comment and criticism.


P.S. the tree isn't meant to be gnarly in the surfer way, just in the tree way.

EDIT: You're right about the top of the bark DM I think I'll change that a bit.

Because this was just a quick job I used photos I'd taken for the texture of the bark and ground, normally I'd have drawn them myself.

Also it was rendered in Visual Reality, the crAzy Grandma of Simply 3d (It's no where near as good as Maya) but I did tweak the grass a little in Corel Photopaint.

I use the internet at my university, but they just updated the firewall. Now I can't see any pictures that go through anonymizer. I can't even see my own avatar! I don't remember what I look like anymore...

So to sum up, does anyone know where I can get free webspace that allows remote linking?

Competitions & Activities / Sprite Jam: Oct 24 - 31
« on: 24 Oct 2003, 12:00 »
OK, here I go...:

Topic: Pets with Powers!

Any kind of cute/terrifying animal you might keep around the house, with a useful/horrifying ability.

Size: 150 x 150
Animation: Optional.
Colours: Any, but please keep within the visual spectrum, I don't want to have to look out my infra-red goggles.

(Note: If this Sprite Jam recieves less than 400 entries I will send my TERRIFYING animal with a HORRIFYING ability around to AGS mountain, and he will strike you all asunder.)

I just attended a talk by the head of Revolution Software about Broken Sword 3 - The Sleeping Dragon. I looks REALLY good. I mean it!

I've taken back everything I said about it being 3D, because the in-game graphics look excellent! The character's aren't photo-realistically boring or hideously cartoony. They're stylised, some inspiration having been taken from anime, apparently. The quality of light is excellent, and the characters interact with is in a really lovely way casting differing intensities of shadows.

The game play is not point and click at all, but the 'action' sequences (which the other 2 games did have) don't require knife-edge precision or split second timing. It really looks like the game is a cognitive adventure, in three dimensions.

The sound/music is as atmospheric as the first 2 games, but alter live-as-you-play depending on the situations the characters find themselves in.

And BEST of all - there is to be a thematic return to the first game. I don't know any spoilers (and I'm glad) but it looks like we might learn more about the eponymous broken sword, and also the mysterious Voynich Manuscript which some of you might know of. Plus the title sequence includes two extreme stereotypes who are nonetheless likeable. Broken Sword has always been king of pleasant stereotypes.

My message to you all is: go back to your home PCs and prepare for Broken Sword!

My apologies for this wild and incoherent outburst of enthusiasm, but the game looks super-great. Everyone must feel free to lock this thread, delete my account or indeed, send their bigger brothers around to my house.

What do you get if you cross a waffle with a super-intelligent sperm whale?

That's right...

You get Goliath Eclair, the great detective:

Eclair's brilliant analytical mind will be put to the test when he finds himself caught up in a deadly mystery...
...the Mystery of the Singing Fish

In a remote country house, Eclair will uncover deceit, murder and unadulterated use of the word 'tiddlywink'.

I thought I would make anyone who was interested aware of this game, as I've been working on it (*very* slowly) since Christmas. It will be a 2-room, largely conversation-based game. I think I am at least 50% of the way through, if not more. With it being my first AGS game though, it's difficult for me to judge.

- Ali.

Note#1: Sorry for not posting plot info earlier.

Note #2: Waffles are a kind of food. They are yummy and here are some recipies:

I'm running verison 2.52 on windows XP and I was having one of those days when every program I used crashed.

Suddenly, sometimes when I quit after testing my game, the editor window appears white and frozen, and after a while a message appears telling me that AGS has crashed and I should make sure that ACWIN.exe is in the editor folder. It is, but I have a feeling I've caused this with some kind of silly coding mistake, or by wildy clicking in a cavelier manner. This only happens some of the time, and I couldn't find reference to the problem on the forum.

Does anyone recognise it?

I can't find much information about strings and I need some help.

I'm using a list box. The list box is object 0 in GUI 3.

I have this line in the script:

ListBoxAdd (3, 0, string message);

EDIT: Thanks! I didn't realise I needed to totally replace 'string message'.

Dislcaimer: Idea not terrifying...

You know that game where someone draws a head on a piece of paper and passes it round and other people draw the rest of the body one part at a time?

I thought it would be interesting if there was an activity (a variation on a Sprite Jam) where someone would draw a sprite's head (plus maybe a character name) and other people would add torsos, arms, legs and feet.
The person with the funniest or most creative addition would draw another head and the grand cycle would begin again.

What do you all think? I just think it would be cool to see a character with an MS paint camel's heads and a 3DS Max dragon's tail.

Competitions & Activities / Sprite Jam May 27 - June 04
« on: 27 May 2003, 13:13 »
Okay here goes....

Sprites based upon the theme of:
                          "The reason I couldn't get to work yesterday was..."

You know, like a guy on the phone to his boss with his foot in a shark's mouth. Something like that.

250X200 pixels and 256 colours please.

Is that okay?

Critics' Lounge / Roll up and see Alfie
« on: 19 May 2003, 13:31 »
Hi, this isn't finished, I was just wondering what you lot would think of it.

Ignore his technicolour ear - I haven't textured it yet.

What do you think? I couldn't use it in a game because I don't have any decent animating software (A case of the extremely old computer).

I called him Alfie provisionally. He look's like a bit of a sneak.

General Discussion / Your idea of Hell
« on: 10 May 2003, 15:23 »
Hi, I was just wondering what people thought of when they think of Hell.

EDIT: I don't mean what you really believe hell is like, just how you imagine it might be.

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