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Enjoy Mittens, everyone. Keep us updated with piccies ands gossip. X

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Lamplight City
« on: 13 Sep 2018, 23:50 »
Bought and downloaded ready to play when I get home from work tonight.

Congratulations on the release and may the bucks come rolling in.


So far all guess about my entry are wrong. Dragonville, Inside These White Walls and The Antidote are not mine.

One week left to vote. The vote count is quite low still so a few more would be nice.

Please, don't forget to add some feedback on games you play on the database page  (nod)

Not all MAGS entries have an AGS page but if they do, comments and ratings are always a nice touch to complement your NAGS votes.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 07 Sep 2018, 08:43 »
The house is the Cook Mansion, in Piru, California.
It's appeared in lots of films and TV shows...

That explains why I recognize it. I probably saw it in The X-Files.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 05 Sep 2018, 05:05 »
I recognize that house.
Is it Sabrina the teenage witch?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Can you solve this riddle?
« on: 04 Sep 2018, 00:03 »
As for Ghost’s one, I was going to suggest breaking it down and dealing with each line one by one. But I got nothing. So I resorted to a bit of Google.

It turns out those are verses from two different songs:

Anything My Mama Don’t Like by Helloween
Under a Violet Moon by Blackmore’s Night

But we still have to solve this part:

Shine one on the other's trademark. What do you get?

No idea...

The contest is over and voting us underway. Six fine-looking entries. Thank you everyone.

I checked and double-checked but I'm paranoid that I've forgotten somebody, so please let me know if I have.

Vote using the poll at the top of the page.

Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup by DBoyWheeler
The Campaign Of Daphne White by Slasher
Cyborg Seppuku by The Outer Zone
The Man Who Liked Cats by Mandle
Vacant Bodies by VampireWombat
Fists of Murder by Jack

Haha. Josiah. Your kind guiltiness almost played into our hands. When everyone voted to lynch me and you were the only one sticking up for me it must have looked certain that you were my partner. When I knew I was almost certainly out I was considering that I might write some kind of parting letter (or PM after the fact) acknowledging my guilt and then “accidentally” type ‘sorry, Jo, I’m out’.

I chose not to because a) people probably will have worked out it was s trick and b) that would have been a real dick move, especially after you were the only one who didn’t vote for me.

I must also apologise to Cat. Kastchey and I genuinely became convinced that Cat was working will Mandle, and if we could convince everyone else that they were in cahoots then maybe it would have been reasonable that they were the murderers. Trying to pick holes in Mandle’s account of events was fun but exhausting.

Also I wasn’t as engaged as I should have been, especially as a wolf. It took some effort to keep up with the thread, let alone try to analyze all the ins and outs. So apologies to Kastchey for pretty much letting him do all the work, strategy-wise, but for future reference, he’s a good person to have on your team if you are a baddie.

Thanks for the entries, folks. Voting will be sorted out as soon as I have a spare half an hour at a computer, which should be soon but could be never.

Ahh okay. I was just checking. That’s a generous deadline. Might give this a go myself.

Is it really October 15 deadline or did you mean September?

Voting is over and we have a tie!
Congrats to Kastchey and Slasher. You'll be contacted soon about choosing a topic for November.
Commiserations VampireWombat.
Thanks to all entrants and voters.

Jason and the Golden Apple by Slasher
Here Be No Sirens by Kastchey
Sweet Mythery by Vampire Wombat

Topic: Mermaids and Sirens
Chosen by Kastchey

A mermaid is a half-human, half-fish. A male version of this creature is called a merman, but its appearance in tales and popular culture is significantly less common. The mermaid steals the spotlight!
A siren is a human-bird hybrid, most commonly depicted as a large bird with a head of a human female. They would lure the sailors to their dwellings with their singing and crash their ships for the rare delicacy that is mariner meat!

Since these two entirely different mythological creatures are often confused with each other, why not use both for a MAGS theme?

For this month's competition, your challenge is to create a game featuring a mermaid, a merman or a siren.
It can, but does not have to feature the actual living creature. It can be a person disguised as one, it can be a painting, it can even be a homonym (e.g., siren as a warning sound device is also acceptable).

Some ideas to get you started:

1. A merman boy sets out to find his dolphin friend who has gone missing, and rumor has it that there are sharks around! Well only one shark who is old, half blind and missing most of his teeth but to a small merman boy he sure looks scary.

2. A crackpot journalist needs to get footage of a real mermaid to pay the bills, but they just wouldn't show up. Out of better options, she decides to fabricate one.

3. A mermaid gets entangled in a fisherman's net. She needs to free herself and get her tail out of there before anyone spots her.

4. A prankster or an activist wants to hijack the emergency siren system to play a custom sound.

5. A brave adventurer has been tasked with obtaining the priceless plume of a siren.

There is no restriction on the use of pre-made assets.
Don't know where to find free assets? Try AGS Trove!

Ending: September 30th


What is MAGS?

Started in 2001, MAGS is a competition for amateur adventure game makers. The idea is to create a game in under a month, following the rules set by the previous winner. It aims to help you work to a deadline, improve your skills, and provide a kick-start into making adventure games. Regardless of skill, MAGS is for everyone. Voting is based on "favorite" games, and not the most artistic, or the best coded. If you have bad art skills, use it as a chance to do some graphic work. If you're sub-standard at coding, use it as a chance to give scripting a go. Ultimately, people will vote for the most enjoyable entry.


Entering MAGS is simple. First, conceptualise your game following the month's criteria (see top). Second, create your game fueled only by coffee. Finally, post your game in this thread, including:

* A working download link
* The title of your game
* A suitable in-game screenshot

At the end of the month, voting will begin, usually lasting for fourteen days. The winner chooses the next month's theme, and their name and game is immortalised in the MAGS Archive. For more information, please visit the Official MAGS website.


An extension suits me. It's always more difficult for me when the 1st of the month falls on a weekend.
New Deadline is SUNDAY NIGHT 23:59 BST.

I actually think we’re in a golden age of remakes/reboots/reimaginings. Some of them, especially TV series based on old movies, are really really good. I haven’t seen Picnic at Hanging Rock (not even the original) but I point to Bates Motel and Fargo as a prime example of great recent TV shows based on old films. I’ve also heard good things about The Exorcist and Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV shows though I havent seen them yet.

I’m currently watching Scream and I love it. It does a lot of subverting and surprising and delighting, but then that’s what Scream always did, isn’t it. This TV show is just real.

The high-school-kid-looking-25-30-years-old thing is basically what they do in TV and Films, right. For a start they have acting experience, and secondly I have a major crush on the lead actress of Scream, which would get me in a lot of trouble if she was actually the age of the character she’s playing.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 27 Aug 2018, 23:14 »
No idea but did you notice the cameraman’s finger taking up half the screen in the last clue but one?

Just wait. You’ll get loads of offers now. Trouble with the recruitment thread is that nobody reads it. Or, somebody replied offering to help and then nobody else feels the needs to offer.

No, I never said Dayowlron is lying. Just that he seems to have chosen to believe you and passed on a message that you asked him to pass on.

Look at them trying to get their stories straight. They clearly realise they’ve messed up and now their knickers are in their respective twists.

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