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Bug Issue: segfault - Shutting down Allegro due to signal #11

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« on: 07 Oct 2017, 04:31 »
Trying to play "Pandor" on my debian machine (ACI version

Adventure Game Studio v3.4 Interpreter
Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Chris Jones and 2011-2017 others
ACI version

Initializing allegro
Reading configuration
Located game data file: /home/f/downloads/Pandor/Pandor.exe

Opened game data file: game28.dta
Game data version: 43
Compiled with:
Logging scipt to "warnings.log"
Setting up window
Initializing TTF renderer
Initializing mouse: number of buttons reported is 3
Checking memory
Data directory: /home/f/downloads/Pandor
Optional install directory:
Optional install audio directory:
User data directory:
Shared data directory:
Audio vox found and initialized.
Initializing keyboard
Install timer
Sound settings: digital driver ID: 'Auto' (0xffffffff), MIDI driver ID: 'Auto' (0xffffffff)
ALSA lib rawmidi_hw.c:233:(snd_rawmidi_hw_open) open /dev/snd/midiC0D0 failed: No such file or directory

Unable to initialize your audio hardware.
[Problem: DIGMID patch set not found]
Installed digital driver ID: 'ALSA' (0x414c5341), MIDI driver ID: 'None' (0x0)
Install exit handler
Initialize path finder library
Game GUI version: 116
Game title: 'Pandor'
Checking for disk space
Initializing MOD/XM player
Game native resolution: 320 x 200 (32 bit)
Game settings: windowed = no, screen def: max, screen size: 0 x 0, match device ratio: yes, game scale: max_round
Mouse control: on, base: 1.000000, speed: 1.000000
Initialize sprites
Audio is processed on the main thread
Engine initialization complete
Starting game
Shutting down Allegro due to signal #11
Segmentation fault

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    07 Oct 2017, 04:31
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    07 Oct 2017, 04:31
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