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Hey, I hope it`s ok to bump this thread so I can ask something :D
I have been using this awesome template for a while to create my game, and only now have I stumbled across a little problem:
So far I could not find a way to make an on-screen object usable in the same way as an inventory item. So when you choose "Use" on that object,
the GUI will Show "Use Object with...", so I can use that object with another on-screen object.
I really have no idea how to achieve something like this. D:
It would be awesome if someone here could please help me out with this! :D


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The template doesn't support this; you'll have to script it yourself.

A "simple" way (or rather workaround) would be to allow the player to take the object, but when they walk away too far, remove it from their inventory again with an appropriate message (using a region to trigger that).