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Re: AGS engine Linux port
« Reply #620 on: 16 Jul 2017, 15:59 »
EDIT: I just noticed that we already have agsjoy stubs in the engine. Now I recall that there was an opened issue about some stubs missing.
If I had a full list of functions, I could add them.

Here you go:

bool IsJoyBtnDown (int button);
bool JoystickRescan ();
bool Unplugged ();
bool Valid ();
int GetAxis (int axis);
int JoystickCount ();
static bool IsOpen (int ID);
static Joystick* Open (int ID);
static void Click (MouseButton button);
String GetName ();
String JoystickName (int ID);
void Close ();
void DisableEvents ();
void EnableEvents (int scope = 0);
void Update ();
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