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Author Topic: Cross Stitch Casper  (Read 5607 times)


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Re: Cross Stitch Casper
« Reply #20 on: 06 Aug 2013, 21:11 »
thanks a lot for reporting this! (and the compliment ;) )

found it! took some time, as this was literally one of the last things I looked at.
seems kinda ridiculous: the way I see it, it looks like Direct3D and DirectDraw handle object baselines in a different way (don't beat me if I'm saying stupid things here).
let me elaborate: at some point during developement I tried to reduce game size by playing around with backgrounds (here's a thread I did about it). I ended up not using backgrounds at all. What you see in the game are screen-sized objects. Using Direct3D renderer those objects seem to be drawn on top of everything else. when moving one of those background objects half way out of the screen area, it looks like you would expect it if what I wrote above is true. Room objects and character are visible on the empty side of the screen.
(background-objects have baseline 1, other objects numbers above 10).

I'm not sure what to do with this information. It might be more interesting for you than it is for me :)