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Also, those pixel animations look incredible, you really are the master of wind and water, no matter the art style.

Don't know, but I may have stumbled on someone who is better with locations and water.  ;-)

Haven't been following the legal issues, but I'm always blown away by AnasAbdin's images.
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Re: Tardigrades ©
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thank you all for the heart warming words <3 knowing how much you all are putting me in your positive thoughts wipes out all the negativity coming from the hack attempts and trolls being directed towards me and this project through all my social media accounts.

Here's a screenshot combining some of the pixel art I'm working on with an Ethane lake on Titan, you can record videos to play them later. Maybe you can catch a weird phenomenon or two ;)

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Looking gorgeous as always Anas!! :-D :-D :-D
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