Author Topic: Anyone else interested in cryptocurrency?  (Read 14450 times)


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Re: Anyone else interested in cryptocurrency?
« Reply #120 on: 05 Mar 2018, 09:01 »
Has this not all been revealed as a massive scam yet?

Probably, but only by:
1 - people who don't understand it
2 - people who have a vested interest in cryptocurrency failing
3 - people who hear that criminals have used it (which obviously they have) and conclude that cryptocurrency is for criminals.  Uh guys criminals use fiat currency too...  (I guess it's the supposed anonymity of crypto that's seen as helping criminals, and to an extent this may be true.)

Comments by a certain Bill Gates recently haven't helped things.

That doesn't mean there isn't a great deal of scamming done within the cryptocurrency community of course, because there are a lot of fraudsters around.  But the concept of a digital currency in itself is not a scam.  There still seems to be some uncertainty whether crypto should truly be viewed as a currency rather than a commodity.  People often think it's just "Bitcoin" but there's a dizzying number of other coins out there - of course some of these ARE scams (especially the ones with massive ICO / pre-mine).

Like most things it's far more complex and interesting than most people will ever realise!  (I only really understand the basics myself but find the concept rather fascinating.)

Re: Anyone else interested in cryptocurrency?
« Reply #121 on: 05 Mar 2018, 17:18 »

I don't believe it will gain that much value in the future

Hmm interesting perspective. Why do you feel this way?

I'm no expert, my beliefs are only beliefs.
1. Today, everyone is in the Bitcoin stock market. I see people who are not familiar with digital world try to gain profit by cryptocurrency. I have suspicions about market being able to make so much people rich.
2. If Bitcoin would be accepted in major online markets, it would be great for us. But I don't think cryptocurrencies will be accepted as payment method in close future. Instead of that, some countries like China tries to ban it.