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Author Topic: MAGSAN LOGO/VISUALS  (Read 602 times)

« on: 15 Nov 2016, 12:39 »
Hey guys, so far MAGSAN has used the AGS Archives logo, I'd like to change that so if anyone is able to help out with LOGO/VISUALS please get in contact! It's urgent and not at the same time, I'd like to have some visuals done by tomorrow really so I can get some last minute t-shirts printed for AdventureX (weren't originally planning on going, but due to some friends going I decided to go after all last night...) but that doesn't really leave much creative/idea time... So if it's not doable it's not doable and I'll just have to skip the t-shirts.. Then it no longer is urgent.

I won't be able to offer much, but I'm sure I can scrape up some money if needed. Also if I make t-shirts I'll obviously send a couple your way :).

EDIT: I've gone with something temporary for now just so I could print a couple t-shirts for AdventureX, I'm still looking for help with logo/visuals for the newsletter though, however it's no longer urgent! :)
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