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If you've played Neofeud and want more of that cyberpunk dystopian world, the Neofeud short story collection is 60% off! The Six Billion Dollar Baller's jailbreak from the prison-industrial complex & more! 

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Folks who hung around the AGS Fortnightly Writing Competition may remember this story. :)

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Neofeud is now 50% on Steam! :)

Thanks everyone who has already bought and played Neofeud! If you liked the game and have a moment to leave a review, even a sentence or two, I would really appreciate it!


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I hope that you will release many more great games! (nod)
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Thanks Kyriakos! I hope you do also. :)  Neofeud 2 is in the works of course and I hope to get it out as soon as I can.

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Woohoo my game Neofeud is in the top 25 cyberpunk games! When the game sites start throwing you on the listicles in the run-up to CP 2077, that's how you know you've arrived lol.

(Neofeud is right after Deus Ex!!! What an honor!)

Also, I will livestreaming tomorrow around 12-12:30 Pacific