Author Topic: Looking for designers (web/logo) copywriters and backend/frontend devs!  (Read 605 times)

Can't share much details here but if you are, or know any designers (web/logo) copywriters or backend/frontend devs give me a shout!
I can share more info over PM, on IRC ( #clubgalen) or in the Club Galen discord:

For backend/frontend, it will most likely involve usage of:
CoffeeScript (or possibly babel/flow)

It's for a project related to AGS hence why I'm posting here :)
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It would probably help to share SOME details about your project in order to get people interested in potentially responding. I have many of the skills you're looking for, but normally I wouldn't answer a post like this -- I just wanted to offer a bit of friendly advice for the future. :)

The project was top secret hence why I couldn't share anything publicly..
However I've since decided not to go forward with this project so no longer looking for help.

Mods please close this thread.
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