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big problem saving script of a room
« on: 18 May 2017, 14:36 »
Hello! I have such a Big problem with my script. Some time ago it happened the same to me, i noticed the problem but i could not find a solution, so i had to come back to a saved older versiĆ³n of the project and do again a Big part of my job.
Now that IS imposible for me because the work IS too advance and i can't start again from the last security copy. The problem IS the Next:
I change the script of a specific room, but when later i load the Game, those changes don't appear in the development of the Game, not even changes so basic as the text of a Character. Simple, It IS as If an older script of that room had remained stucked or fixed and Now, any changes i make (even erasing and leaving the script empty), It always repeats that stucked or fixed old script.
Curiously, this problem only affects to two or three rooms, but not to the others. My problem IS that i need to change imperatively one of those rooms script. Did i explain Well? Can please somebody give me a solution? Thank u very much.

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Re: big problem saving script of a room
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Try doing "Build -> Rebuild all files".

Re: big problem saving script of a room
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It was exactly thay!!!!!!!! Thank you very much a million of times!!!!!!