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Been taking a short break from working on Neofeud 2, but for a good cause!

I just interviewed William Gibson. The future is unevenly distributed, but the author of Neuromancer et al. has graciously fenced some atemporal sci-fi-continuum to Silver Spook.

Podcast coming here:

Quote from: Fitz
Look at how far you've gotten with your podcast! From chatting with the little ol' me to interviewing to your idol! In under 20 episodes! The big question now is: who do you interview NOW?! Hm... Rutger Hauer? Keanu Reeves? The digitized consciousness of Stephen Hawking?

I was joking with a friend of mine, "So now that you've interviewed William Gibson, how do you top that as cyberpunk podcasts go?"

I was like, "Maybe I could interview Keanu Reeves, and we do the entire interview both in Matrix-shades (I have my pinhole glasses version)."

He was like, "No man, even that is not as epic. You cannot get more legendary than the Gibson interview."

"Well, I guess I can interview God, or like, the digital H+ superintelligence post-singularity God-Machine, or the gestalt of Wintermute and Neuromancer."

"Yeah, sorry man. You've reached your peak."


I am going to look into Keanu though. I actually do know someone who knows him, and we are both Hawaiian. :)
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wow, that's just awesome, can't wait for that interview :D

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My William Gibson Interview, Living Near Active Volcano, And More! We now return to your regularly scheduled program :)