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Today's progress -- spaceports and webcam-face scout robots!

You can see me livestreaming painting this over here:

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I'll be live-showing and live-telling tomorrow at 9PM EST as I livestream work on "Forgotten City", the Silver Spook Games MAGS June entry.  ;)

Link to the channel:

Here's a sneak peek for now though:

This is just the tip of the post-apocalyptic sunset-tastic iceberg, comrades.  Just the tip!  ;)

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That is a gorgeous sunset! 8-)

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Thanks Blondbraid!

The latest and greatest of sunset-pocalypse!  Now with 200% more decimated space port, spacecraft and broken unobtanium-pipelines spewing radioactive green goo!

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You can see the livestream of me working on this MAGS June entry here:

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Being a small goth chick in the robopocalypse, with homicidal death machines everywhere, it goes without saying, you're going to have to do a lot of running. :)

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Looks cool, the trenchcoat really gives off Matrix-vibes!

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Haha, thanks Blondbraid.  I do love the Matrix, if it hasn't been obvious! :) 

(Crosspost from MAGS)

Here's a better illustration of why young cyberpunk girls definitely should not skip cardio day in event of Amazon buying out the US Military.  You won't have time to figure out that that Prime Drone that's flying your pumpkin spice latte to your house that you bought with Universal Basic Income?  It's actually there to vivisect you to steal your organs for use by richer old people Amazon-ordering kidneys and blood transfusions from young people to achieve immortality.

Forgotten City

"We Want Your Organs And Bodily Fluids.  All of them."

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"My vision is augmented."

Planning some (hopefully) really fun game dynamics with this, one of several of the main character's augmentations.  Along with a brand-spanking new stealth system that (hopefully) won't implode your computer and the presently instantiated universe with the convoluted programming needed to get a stealth system to work in AGS.  Also, she will of course have the ability to run, run, run like she's being chased by killer DARPA-bots, or like there's a Depeche Mode sale at Hot Topic.

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This is looking absolutely fab so far, fella.

I realise that this will be quite a way away yet (and I'm not even 100% that this is possible), but are you thinking of doing a bundle with both Neofeud and Forgotten City at a slightly reduced price, or something along those lines?

I hope you don't mind me throwing in my two cents.

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Thanks, mate!

I think one day a bundle sale with Neofeud and Forgotten City is in the cards, but I'd need a non-demo version of Forgotten City to sell.  If I make Forgotten City the same length as Neofeud, then it's not going to be finished for some time (months, possibly a year+). I know there's a big summer sale going on now, so maybe next summer. :)

Thanks for the input!

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The heat-vision looks cool! :)

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Thanks man!  I just realized it's essentially going to double all my work, but one suffer's for one's coolness, as they say! :)

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try recording an action in Photoshop for the heat vision recolor and apply that to every thing that needs it. Or maybe a hue/saturation adjustment layer over everything that needs it helps. maybe.
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Nice and smooth :)
Love watching your progress.
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Thanks for the tip selmiak, and thanks for the feedback, Cassie!  Just one more day till the demo comes out! (July 2)

Latest and greatest here for ya.

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That force looks lethal enough to me.  Unless those are rubber bullets...

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Yeah, the next line is, "Jesus! That anti-aircraft gun is your idea of 'non-lethal force'!?"

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I don't have energy to social mediate this thing right now, just spent the last 36 hours cramming as much as I possibly could into it, along with Mrs. Silver Spook who soldiered through the voice acting with much chocolate.

But here you go, AGSers:

The Forgotten City Demo!

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Forgotten City also has a TRAILER! :D