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Re: Bury Me in the Sand
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Just my personal opinion:

Sorry, but I so much prefer the original title screen over the new one.

The new one is too busy for my liking and, if I hadn't played the game before, I would probably have no idea what it was conveying.

A beach scene is what you want IMO, with the beach itself being the star of the show and a few lonely items being the supporting cast, and the original does it so well, but in the new version the supporting cast obscures like 50% of the scene and the beach is pushed back behind them.

For me, at least, the few lonely items lost in the sand of the expansive beach was a much better visual.


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Re: Bury Me in the Sand
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I thought I was the only one!

+1 what Mandle says.
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Re: Bury Me in the Sand
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@Pilchard Glad you dig the vibe!

Thanks for the feedback, I too felt like something was wrong but pushed forward anyways! I'm glad to see some of you liked the original.

I centered the text and moved everything away from the middle:

- and with the buttons visible:

I need to take a couple of days away from it but I'm thinking something in between the two designs would work better; maybe dropping the lifeguard hut, making the radio smaller, and moving the chair further out? There is also a very big part of me that wants to make the intro screen a short panning animation that has the hut to the left of the chair so it's not a problem anymore...

@Mandle: In the first version clicking "New Game" and it cutting to the big empty beach felt really redundant. You saw the chair in the menu already so it just felt like it moved over a few pixels. I wanted to establish how isolated Andre is by cutting from a busy, forced perspective collage with upbeat music to this flat shot of him reading.

@selmiak: It could look good with a straight up gothic font.

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Re: Bury Me in the Sand
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I'm not sure why, but for some reason the guy in the last sketch makes me think about Elton John. :cool:

Re: Bury Me in the Sand
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Hey! I think maybe the clouds could work scrolling slowly in the background. 8-)

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

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I’ve spent the last while adding a new room and puzzle to the game. In the MAGS version the player is tasked with retrieving a toy from the vending machines for Ernie with change they obtain from inside a conch shell (woof). In it’s place, you will be sent on a quest to write them a personalized love poem!

Here’s my WIP of Jocelyn’s apartment, where the bulk of the poem segment takes place :

I've repurposed the vending machines though—I couldn't imaging parting with the silly backstories for all the Hoppy Pals and Creepazoid figures I've spent so much time on already. :-[


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Re: Bury Me in the Sand
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Animations look really stylish! 8-)
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Looks great!