Author Topic: [AGS HELP WANTED] Beta testers for my project I Want Out! (french speakers)  (Read 238 times)  Share 


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I'm searching french-speaking beta testers for my first AGS project called I Want Out! (

The game is not entirely finished, but the playing part is (it's what's important... isn't it ?).
The only missing parts are some character animations (currently indicated by texts) and the ending sequence.

What I'm looking for :
- a feedback, to know players feelings and impressions about various aspects of the game (gameplay / UI / puzzles / etc.) ;
- bug reports if some are found.

Game length : half an hour / an hour / more ? (the beta test will help me to know this...)

Last but not least : the game is currently in french only (I will translate it in english when everything is done).

If you're interested, you can answer in this thread (in english). Ou en PM, en fran├žais, comme vous voulez ! I'll send you all the details by PM...

Thank you / merci !
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Maybe you should (or maybe you already have) try to find some french-speaking testers on the french ags forums?


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No, I haven't...

I've already been there in the past and thought that this french forum wasn't very active... but I'm totally wrong!
And there are even some familiar names there...

So I will.

Thanks Arj0n.