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Harry Potter RPG by Marion
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Is there a "Good" ending for this game? This is a great AGS game, with a couple of annoying bugs - see below - but the only endings I've been able to find are: (may constitute spoilers so I'll hide this)

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Bad endings; send 3 students to the infirmary and be expelled; send 3 adults to St. Munro's and be sent to Azkerban; attack Voldemort when back in London at Malfoy's mansion - "game over".
OK endings; sit exams with less than 20 average and work in the ministery of magic; sit exams with 20 or more
average (more than 20 should not be possible IMHO but is possible - see "bugs") and become the Minister of Magic.
I have completed the 4 missions asked by the Order of the Phoenix/deatheaters, found the runic ring and unicorn horn, bought the seeds, completed the 4 student side-quests, found the secret passage to the Shrieking Shack and explored everywhere.

The only way to get to Sirius Black's apartment (i.e. leave Hogwart's) that I found was by killing an NPC (Lucius Malfoy), and once you leave Hogwart's you cannot go back, even with the train ticket.

I must have missed something, surely. Any ideas?

Bugs (possibly "undocumented features"):
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Game crashes in the library after opening the restricted area entrance with the following message:
In "room23.asc", line 208 Error: NewRoom: Cannot run this command, since there was a NewRoom command already queued to run in "room23.asc", line 196
Sometimes crashes in Hogwarts Express with similar error, but if game is saved prior and re-loaded, sometimes it continues. Go figure!
Able to repeatedly use shelf in Auroa's Office to gain +2 Charms each time, same with crystal ball +2 Divination in Headmaster's office, to raise average to above 20.