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The Aspirox case (L'Affaire Aspirox)
« on: 12 Oct 2017, 16:27 »
Hi ! I come from the AGS french-speaking community (so excuse me if I make some mistakes in english).
I come to introduce you the game on wich I work since few years and that is finally avaliable with French voices and English text and subtitles !

Don't hesitate to send me your comments or questions !

Paris, in the afternoon of a winter’s day. It is a big day for Samuel Brossau, a business graduate on his thirties: in a few minutes, he may obtain a position in the marketing subsidiary of a famous various vacuum cleaner producing firm. But on this very day, destiny took another path. Yvan Zimmerman, the director he was supposed to meet, has just been murdered in his office.

Boarding himself, more or less than his will, in this uncommon firm, he will meet the weirdos in place. Will they be able to help him understand what happened that morning in the director's office ?

Download link

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Re: The Aspirox case (L'Affaire Aspirox)
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Looks nice, hope to have sometime to play it. (nod)

Ps - Congrats on the release! :-D
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Re: The Aspirox case (L'Affaire Aspirox)
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Looks really nice - congrats on the release and thanks for stepping over from the French forum for this! ;-D

Re: The Aspirox case (L'Affaire Aspirox)
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I played the game and really enjoyed it for the most part. It's very polished in the graphics, animation, story, characters and interactions. I really enjoyed the puzzles. I found them to be challenging and fun.

I have a concern that
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The end seems a bit abrupt and it's not clear what happened.

Tres bien...