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Congratulations on the release of the game.
Just bought it and completet it. Very well done! The music fits the eiry tone of the game perfectly.
Like others have said, there is a wonderfull Lynchian tone throughout the game. Very well craftet puzzles and story.
Absolutely loved it.

Re: Football Game - Out now!
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My Steam review:

As a fan of adventure games and Lynch films, I absolutely loved this game!

The whole atmosphere is uncanny. Even the gift box is uncanny, it made me wonder what is in it during the whole game. Our not-so-nice solutions to puzzles help to build the tension of the story.

The puzzles are good. Everything we do makes sense, I needed to open the community guidelines only for the password one (I knew what the password was about, but only I wasn't sure about its format).

The soundtrack is great, I must say they really have a Lynchian vibe.

As a side note, I played the game with Nearest-neighbour filtering. I think it should had been on at default.