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All Games by This Author: Akatosh

Found 12 matches.

Cheerful Science by Akatosh
In this short game, you take on the role of Research Girl, trying to help Captain Discovery with his experimentations. Despite the fact that their results, as well as his sanity, could be described as "unreliable". [br][br]At best.[endsummary][br] Originally an entry in the OROW competition 2008....

Released: 8 Jul 2008
A platformer! See the Complete Game Announcements thread, please. [br]* Overthrow capitalism by gathering mail and running through surreal urban environments really quickly! [br]* Climb ladders, jump gaps and... generally jump a lot! [br]* Experience an all-new, thrilling storyline with an unexpected twist!...

Released: 2 Nov 2013
The name says it all. It's a platform game that has you crash into certain things, evade other things, and shoot a third group of things. It's pretty simple, but fun.[br][br]Sounds and music taken from and, respectively....

Released: 27 Jul 2008
Koffee Krisis by Akatosh
Note: this was my first game, and I'm everything but proud of it. Proceed on your own risk, and be warned - it doesn't make much sense.[endsummary][br][br]1.0.1. online - this should definitly stop the "I have to read the manual first"-bug[br] You are Artemis (which is NO girlie name). It all starts on Tuesday, as most weeks don't do... Features - German Humor! A world map! References! A strang...

Released: 27 Aug 2006
KristmasKrisis by Akatosh
One of my old shames. Not as bad as KoffeeKrisis, but not good either.[endsummary][br][br]Bugfixed![br]Originally an entry for the MAGS December 2006. Full scale war between Father Christmas and his minions![br][br]BUGFIXED! Whoo-hooo!...

Released: 26 Dec 2006
Me Go 2008! by Akatosh
Most likely one of the last games to be released in 2007, the third and currently latest installement in the progressing Me Go Store series... bah, screw that, Evilguy has a poor plan again and you have to stop him! Same background music as Me Go Store II, but less annoying and painful.[br][br]As crazy says: "Wow. Epic game. I love the pixel-shaded, bump-mapped, high-definition graphics, the sweep...

Released: 31 Dec 2007
Yeah...[endsummary][br][br]Normal background tune by a guy who died in 1917 (I think)....

Released: 27 Oct 2007
Me Go Store! by Akatosh
This is a mixture of a stylistic experiment, a bad joke game and a "I couldn't finish the real thing in time" mags entry. It's yet to decide whether it'll go in Joke Games or mags games.[br][br]And please, don't hit me.[br]Also, new version....

Released: 22 Apr 2007
PMUVCHVT by Akatosh
I did it. I made a working eleven-roomer in 7 hours. Psheeew. [br][br]Entry for the MAGS competition February 2007.[br][br]This time, you're the villain.[br][br]Mirror actually is the Music.vox file - 12 MB, so beware!...

Released: 24 Feb 2007
Washed Ashore by Akatosh
You play as the german Zeppelin commander Wilhelm von Hadenberg, and... well, play for yourself! The game's not very long, so I can't give you much of a description, sorry.[br][br]Winner of the mAGS competition of August '07, topic: "Desert Island"....

Released: 26 Aug 2007
You play as the german Zeppelin commander Wilhelm von Hadenberg, and... damn, see for yourself, the game is too short to give away that much information. Now with 500% more cliches about Imperial Germany than the next leading brand. You might have already seen some instance of this game (like the original mAGS version, which is still floating about, or the original deluxe version, which has b...

Released: 9 Oct 2007
_Access by Akatosh
Winner of the "Best Innovation" award in 2007. Yaytards! [br][br]Be the hacker you always wanted to be.[br]Language and Sex/nudity ratings due to in-game chat channels.[br] UPDATE 2012/09/13: I've re-uploaded the game to Mediafire. I hope this fixes the persistent trouble with eSnpis.[endsummary][br][br]The graphics are partially stolen from Uplink. Go to its website. Now. ([b...

Released: 10 Mar 2007
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