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The story continues, after sending Lance into oblivion, it seems he survived and planned his evil revenge by sending his alliances to capture our hero.[endsummary] Anas is imprisoned in cargo ship Athaal-T14E where he is being tortured and barely kept alive until the abandoned ship reaches its destination: Alpha Equulei. [br] [br]Being captured in a small dark cell inside a huge ship for months ...

Released: 16 Jan 2014
Anas is a space adventurer being in the wrong places at the wrong times. The universe is his playground and time is no limit to his travels.[endsummary] Join his adventure in spacetime and solve puzzles to make him survive this Sci Fi adventure. The game features 3 mini games, cameo appearances of other AGS games, original graphics and music, a song, 2D animated cut scenes and more....

Released: 26 Jan 2012
Dexter Morning Routine by Anas Abdin
The idea is to complete Dexter's morning routine in the correct order before the music ends.[endsummary] There are three difficulty levels missing around with music duration, objects placements, and wait period events....

Released: 10 Mar 2015
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