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Alien Time Zone by Bani Gala Studios
You play Ejak, an alien traveller who has crash landed and got himself stuck in a cave on Earth. Use your time travelling abilities to help him escape! The game is available to download as a ZIP or RAR and both include the MIDI music that features within the game....

Released: 19 Sep 2005
In Bloom by Bani Gala Studios
The Infestation is blooming, and time is running out. You have to decide how you will save humanity. In the far-flung future, the earth is in danger: A malicious bloom has spread through the galaxy and will soon engulf the earth. You will be tasked with saving it, but in the end, you must decide how! This game was created for the 2018 $102 Adventure jam, in which it attained 6th place! Thi...

Released: 23 Oct 2018
Smiley's Quest by Bani Gala Studios
This was one of the first games I worked on, but never completed. Recently I decided to post it, so I smoothed the edges and fixed it up. It's a game where you control a smiley in his quest to clear his name from murder, obtain the mystical Cookie key, and save the world!...

Released: 22 Sep 2008
Witness! by Bani Gala Studios
Made for an hour game competition with the theme being: "Witness to a crime". It actually took 4 to 5 hours to make. You play a witness to a murder. You now have to identify the murderer. The only problem is that you are blind. Left-click to examine, right-click to talk. Press F1 for help ingame...

Released: 7 Sep 2006
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