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Calsoon by Chrille Blomqvist
Tork is a perfectly normal guy, well, almost normal atleast. He loves to collect underwear. But one day, as he was about to actually put on some trousers for a change, Tork was sucked into the wardrobe and was teleported to a peculiar island which he'd never heard of before. Tork must now help the inhabitants of the island by defeating an evil witch so that he may return home to his precious under...

Released: 26 Jul 2001
Calsoon 2 by Chrille Blomqvist
Oh no! The madness never seems to come to an end for poor Tork as he once again gets sucked into his wardrobe. This time, he arrives on another wierd island. Only this one suffers from constant winter. Tork won't be able to last long in his bare underwear. Can you help him find a pair of trousers and find his way back home before it's too late? Calsoon 2 now includes a speech pack with over 500...

Released: unknown
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages by Chrille Blomqvist
You play as detective Jake McUrk working for the Police Detective Agency. The citizens got rid of the old corrupt police system and organized the PDA, consisting only of detective investigators. Despite there not being any policemen patrolling the streets anylonger, the crime rate dropped by nearly 50%. However, one morning Jake is put on a case that sounded like just another false alarm. But he i...

Released: 10 Nov 2001
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