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Escape From The Chaotic City by Christian Cammilleri
NEW VERSION: The Description: It's the Apocalypse! It's an experiment! It's just a movie! Armed just with a bat and courage, Eddy, an idle teen has to turn into a one night... But outside, on those desolates streets of Portland, the terror was released, the TV hasn't any broadcast, the telephones are out of order... A letal disease is running through his veins......

Released: 5 Mar 2010
Pizza Nostra by Christian Cammilleri
Chicago 1930, Joe Matone a petty thief, is caught by the police in a confusing episode. A desperate police officer with a serious problem offers him freedom if Matone fulfils the tough mission to infiltrate the dangerous Muzzarelli Family, in order to save his kidnapped daughter. Therefore, Joe will get involved in a great adventure, with many plot twists, difficult decisions, lies, betrayals an...

Released: 24 Jun 2013
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