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Insane Bert by DanVzare
Bert is just a normal guy with a normal job at a normal tv station telling abnormal news until one day he's fired and has to take drastic measures [endsummary] The is just a short funny game I threw together, it's only a joke game, so don't tell me it's crap....

Released: 19 Jul 2010
Rowen Goes To Work by DanVzare
This is a game about a guy named Rowen who's lost his keys and needs to find them before he goes to work, so he finds a book about finding keys and looks in all the locations it says...

Released: 29 May 2009
A great hero has been sent on a quest to defeat an evil witch, but things soon go awry when a time portal into the future is opened up. Join the hero as he defeats a witch, gives incredibly life changing career advice, makes alcohol, and saves all of time and space! Made for the February 2017 MAGS competition....

Released: 23 Feb 2017
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