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Insane Bert by DanVzare
Bert is just a normal guy with a normal job at a normal tv station telling abnormal news until one day he's fired and has to take drastic measures [endsummary] The is just a short funny game I threw together, it's only a joke game, so don't tell me it's crap....

Released: 19 Jul 2010
Private Detective by DanVzare
Private Detective is a procedurally generated murder mystery game, where you must solve randomly generated crimes by finding leads, questioning suspects, and gathering evidence from the crime scene to compare with samples found in the homes of the suspects. It plays a lot like an adventure game, but with a lot more deduction and a lot less inventory object puzzles....

Released: 20 Jul 2018
Rowen Goes To Work by DanVzare
This is a game about a guy named Rowen who's lost his keys and needs to find them before he goes to work, so he finds a book about finding keys and looks in all the locations it says...

Released: 29 May 2009
A great hero has been sent on a quest to defeat an evil witch, but things soon go awry when a time portal into the future is opened up. Join the hero as he defeats a witch, gives incredibly life changing career advice, makes alcohol, and saves all of time and space! Made for the February 2017 MAGS competition....

Released: 23 Feb 2017
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