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Adventure Island by Elen Heart (elentgirl)
Adventure Island is a light hearted homage to 'point-and-click' adventure games. In the sand of Adventure Island you will find the footprints of games such as Myst, Atlantis, Black Mirror, Syberia, Broken Sword, Monkey Island, The Dig, The Journeyman Project, and many more.[endsummary]You assist seasoned adventurer, Annie Player, who is called upon to find a team of missing scientists sent to sur...

Released: 25 May 2013
Once Upon A Time by Elen Heart (elentgirl)
Once Upon A Time is a point and click 3rd person adventure set in the imaginary Hidden Kingdom. You guide Jack on his quest to rescue a pricess abducted by the evil Dragon King. The game has 8 different location and over 175 rooms to explore. The various puzzles have been designed to be more challenging as the game progresses. This is my first game completed using AGS, and has taken over ...

Released: 24 Feb 2008
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