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Magic Owl by Emont
Magic Owl is a game of exploration and musical interaction. There are no goals or points to win; fly around and the space will interact visually and musically, generating a soundtrack as you play. The game is intended to be a relaxing and peaceful experience of discovery. This was made for the MAGS competition in November 2013, with the theme "night time"....

Released: 30 Nov 2013
Man Giving Up by Emont
How many times can YOU give up? Choose from a variety of colourful settings and see how far you can go. You might just surprise yourself. You might find the power was inside yourself all along. Welcome to the world of MAN GIVING UP....

Released: 17 Sep 2014
Sisyphus Reborn by Emont
A short atmospheric adventure game. You wake up in a world where everyone digs and no one dies. You will never know how you came to be there, but now that you are... How do you find meaning in a meaningless world? "Why do you dig?" "We dig to live." "Why live?" "We live to dig."...

Released: 19 Dec 2014
Song Animals by Emont
Song Animals is a short adventure puzzle game, featuring a variety of strange and fantastic creatures on a quest to free their friends. Explore surreal watercolour worlds and use the power of music to rescue your animal friends. [br] Made in a month for MAGS November 2015. [br] (Note this game requires sound!) ...

Released: 30 Nov 2015
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