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10 Ways From Sunday by HanaIndiana
[MAGS Entry Aug. 2017 - Theme: "The Bible"] Sometimes to get what you want, you have to break all the rules. And I DO mean all 10.[endsummary] Debra needs God's help, but she needs to get His attention. Has she taken it too far?...

Released: 1 Sep 2017
Pink Sky [MAGS Jan 2014] by HanaIndiana
2014 Jan MAGS Entry. Mars Mining Inc. needs an old ice forge back up and running on the Moon Phobos. Will Sallae complete it in time? Will she get paid overtime? Will she die in the process? If like me, you like pushing buttons, you might like this game. :) My first attempt at AGS and MAGS....

Released: 31 Jan 2014
The 4th Wall by HanaIndiana
MAGS February 2014 - "Spiritual Journey" An adventure game character has a spiritual epiphany, and the player is his God. The 4th wall has been broken. ...

Released: 3 Mar 2014
MAGS Feb. 2018 entry for "Mix and Match" It's the future, and everyone aboard a space transport ship has suddenly gone unconscious. Can the ship's A.I. save everyone in time?...

Released: 28 Feb 2018
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