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Femspray by JNGames
You play Stephen Bishopson, a man who's almost (but not quite) finished his training as a secret agent, on a quest to thwart an evil doctor's plans to turn the entire male population of the world female. With multiple endings, vibrant music and a host of quirky puzzles, I think this game's a lot of fun(although as the game's creator I'm likely to be slightly biased). It's got lots of nudity...

Released: 19 Apr 2009
Prince Dickless by JNGames
Prince Dickless is the crass story of a prince on a quest to save his princess from a witch, lightly mocking transgender bdsm erotica along the way. Inspired by stories like Denver's Xor series and the kind of fiction you find at the Eunuch Archive. It has a fight system and sees you transform into a variety of animals too. Warning. Contains: Sex, Bestiality, Animal transformations, Cliches, Nu...

Released: 27 Feb 2016
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