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Cosmos Quest I by Kinanev
Year: Far in the future. Location: Yellow Fog Galaxy, somewhere on the bridge between Rhomul System and the peripheral rings of the Federation. The Sun slowly fade out under submission of a black hole that no one knew before. Executing your duties as an engineer in a crew that observes the temperature of the Sun, you (Apo Lanski) notice a small problem with the shuttle when you just started your n...

Released: 8 Feb 2006
Cosmos Quest II by Kinanev
The story continues where the first chapter suddenly ends. The Federation is still strong, but the Rhomulians (thanks to you – Apo Lanski) are coming out of the ignorance of their Sun dying! You are back on the Radion Space Station and have the captain’s orders – “Join the crew on Pitla!”....

Released: 12 May 2008
Cosmos Quest III by Kinanev
After spending an 2 weeks holiday leave relaxing at the Jaro Motor Inn, Sergeant Henry Getz was on his way back to Radion Space Station (RSS). He has no idea that RSS has been attacked by the evil Ayatolians, or that the entire crew has been captured. Luckily, one of the crew (Nia) has managed to send him a message, informing him of what has happened., as well as telling him that the crew is being...

Released: 30 Jul 2008
Cosmos Quest IV by Kinanev
Nia (a returning character from the series) is caught in the middle of an intergalactic dispute. She is jailed, but an old friend will help her to find a way out. And then the adventure begins. The intro of the game gives some background on the previous chapters....

Released: 25 Jan 2018
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