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Aidas Strange Christmas by King_wiking
A christmas present for my girlfriend. She liked it, so maybe you will. Story: It's christmas eve and Aida is meeting her boyfriend outside the local cinema, though he doesn't show up. So she first smokes a cigarette and then decides to go and search for him. This takes her on a journey through time and space, all the while not learning any cheesy christmas lesson. - Meet the amazing...

Released: 31 May 2010
Baltazar the Familiar by King_wiking
You are Baltazar, the reluctant familiar of a certain Lord von Thyraniamouse, a paranoid, selfcentered and incompetent illukemist. You have to help him in his search for vengence against the villagers nearby. Updates: - Added even more dialogue. - Added intro screen (Because some people have a hard time finding the skip-dialogue button: Enter. - So, there you know.) - Made the intro and ...

Released: 2 Jul 2008
Winner of the: MAGS 2008-05: Conspiracy - contest. First part in a larger series, hopefully. The story begins with a man as he wakes up in the same cell he's been trapped in for five years. He has never seen anyone of his captors and has slowly become more and more unstable. The only clue he has is that he have some minor psychic powers that gives him the ability to move small things from a...

Released: 25 May 2008
You play as Jack, a sociopathic farmer son that only long for acting at the theater. But when a green lightning strike not far from his home, he enters into a nightmare that makes him revaluate his life....

Released: 22 Jun 2008
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