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The Chrysalis by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos
THE CHRYSALIS This is a stand-alone chapter of a possible freeware adventure game series. STORY Your character was invited by a person he knows since they were in school - they now are in their thirties. He falls in love with this person's apartment, due to the elegant rooms, but also the antique furniture and - last but not least - the paintings his host has created (they are macabre). ...

Released: 9 Nov 2017
The Object of All Dreams by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos
The protagonist is stuck working a menial job, yet aspires to make a real breakthrough: he recently started working on a solution for a famous mathematical problem. He is of the view that when he does provide a proof, he will become known, respected, and his financial issues will be over. And yet, just as he was apparently nearing a breakthrough regarding the mathematical problem, another probl...

Released: 23 Sep 2018
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