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A Landlord's Dream by LostTrainDude
Abel Lowen, a Stringshaper, gets woke up by his apartment's alarm clock in the middle of the night. When he'll finally get up, late for his band's rehearsal, he will find out that almost nothing seems to be working properly. What's happening? Are others experiencing the same problems? Why is his neighbour hallucinating in the middle of the hallway? Spanish Translation by Maximiliano Vaccaro ...

Released: 3 Feb 2015
A Night That Wouldn't End by LostTrainDude
[v1.3] [br] On an island far in the North, where nighttime can last for months, a researcher is left alone with a big staring moon, his boredom and an important research to complete, if only there wasn't a power shortage...[br] Ultimately, this is a game about overcoming boredom and getting stuff done.[br] Originally developed for MAGS December 2014...

Released: 2 Jan 2015
A-Mused [MAGS January 2014] by LostTrainDude
MAGS January 2014 entry. [br] A short tale about inspiration and lack of it. [br] KEYS[br] Left Click - Interact[br] Right Click - Examine[br] TAB - Read Poem Book[br]...

Released: 2 Feb 2014
Agent Trinity is sent to a bunker without knowing much about his mission.[br] His nation is on the verge of war with the one where he stands within in that very moment.[br] Their President issued an Ultimatum that will expire shortly![br] Where? On a hidden clock![br] [br] His mission: find that clock and set its hands two hours backwards![br] [br] Don't get caught![br] Be quick![br] Save...

Released: 18 Sep 2012
Dreamagine by LostTrainDude
The last time I had a tidy-out in my room I found some old school exercise books. Expecting to find many doodles, I found nothing at all. So I began to think: what does a child think when he draws his doodles? Where does he get inspiration?[br] [br] This very short game is the way I tried to figure it out. It's my first game developing experiment, focusing on Emotioneering.[br] [br] Game's mus...

Released: 9 Apr 2011
Fanbots by LostTrainDude
Version 2.0: Voice Acting, New Animations, New GUI, Better Sound Effects, Bugfixes![br] [br] A team of robots reaches the far planet of Koruuna to take over an abandoned Production Studio and revive their favourite show: ANDROIDS [br] Left click - Interact[br] Right click - Examine[br] ---[br] "Androids" is a fictional/parody TV series appearing for few brief moments in the series Red Dwarf...

Released: 6 Jul 2015
The Fickle Hands of Fate by LostTrainDude
Fate is finalizing her last recording in the steeple of an abandoned church in a village she is about to leave. Then, off to another city and another recording: her search is not over yet.[br] [br] How to play:[br] - INTERACT / Left Mouse Button...

Released: 1 Jun 2017
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