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Jeu d’aventure en point & click dans l’univers de Dread Mac Farlane. Aidez Marie, la descendante de la pirate Dread Mac Farlane, à retrouver la piste de son ancêtre, afin de la ramener au Pays Imaginaire pour aider à mettre fin à une guerre sanglante entre Peter Pan et le Capitaine Crochet… Graphismes réalisés avec le logiciel Plotagon. Programmé avec Adventure Game Studio. Tai...

Released: 14 Mar 2018
A match-3 type game, starring the Alien Queen from the Alien Saga. French game, English text available. English instructions included. Make lines with at least 3 objects of the same type. - Eggs make you lay facehuggers - Humans can recept facehuggers and create soldiers - Food is needed to lead your soldiers to a new planet - Plant can be used in the research department to increase you...

Released: 18 May 2009
Remake of the first “Before the Dark Crystal”. Longer and entirelly hand-drawn, this point & click adventure game is a fan-game of the movie “Dark Crystal”. Take control of a young Gelfling captured by the Skeksis, and survive in the Crystal castle until you find a way out. The security slider show you when you please the Skeksis or not : be careful not to upset them, or this will be...

Released: 6 Apr 2015
Dread Mac Farlane by Marion
Adaptation of my french comic book "Dread Mac Farlane". Help a young woman from the XVIth Caribbean, who grown up with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, to become a pirate on Captain Hook galleon ! Language : French, English All my games are available at

Released: 30 Apr 2008
Harry Potter RPG by Marion
Harry Potter fan-game. Create your own Hogwarts student (House, blood status, look...) and go for a year of magical study in the school of witchcrat and Wizardry ! Will you choose to help the Order of the Phoenix, or will you join the Death-eaters? The choice is yours. You will have to accomplish missions for them, and explore the wizard world to increase your skills. Will you pass your exam...

Released: 27 Oct 2014
Horse Park Fantasy by Marion
Horse training & racing simulation game, in a fantasy world. Create horses with various colors, mate and train them, in order to win races ! Game in English and French....

Released: 13 Oct 2012
Point-and-click adventure game set in the Dread Mac Farlane universe. Help Marie, the descendant of the pirate Dread Mac Farlane, to track down her ancestor to take her back to Neverland and help her put an end to the bloody war between Peter Pan and Captain Hook... Graphics created with Plotagon. Scripted with Adventure Game Studio. English translation by Paolo. Size: 247 MB Creator:...

Released: 8 Apr 2018
"Harry Potter" Fan Game. From his birth to his death, play as Salazar Slytherin, the great dark wizard of the Middle-Age. Meet the others Founders, build Hogwarts and your Chamber of Secrets, breed you basilisk and let add your mark on the History of Magic ! Right click : Look at. Left click : Use. *** Download all my AGS Games at my website :

Released: 4 Oct 2014
"Star Wars" fan game. Shai-la of the Sith is a young girl who worked in the first Death Star construction during the Imperial era... until the Dark Lord of the Siths, Darth Vader, detected her because of the Force he felt in her. She then became his apprentice and discovered her new life and new powers. Take control of Shai-la during several missions on different planets, and live the two ...

Released: 14 Jul 2009
Space Freakers by Marion
Languages : English - French (launch Winsetup.exe to change language and setup) English : Space Freakers is a futuristic RPG. You create your character and fly across the galaxy in your spaceship. You will have to exlore different places in order to collect items that you will be able to sell in the Spatioport, fight monster, get credits ans buy improvements. Will you be able to find all the n...

Released: 11 Oct 2017
All my games on my website : Français - English. *********** English : Control Tao, a young Elf with the gift of shapeshifting, who is going to meet the Doctor and Missy for a great adventure through various worlds that will lead her to develop her gift. Each success will unlock a shapeshift into a new animal! This game will take you to several worlds and ...

Released: 12 Apr 2017
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