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Frank the Farmhand Part 1 by Mattias Jeppsson
Frank is a farmhand who tries to find his missing physicsprofessor who's being hunted by some mysterious agents. He'll uncover a truly evil conspiracy and meet some really nasty people in his adventures to save the professor and later on the world itself. NOTE: This game deals with racist themes....

Released: 13 Apr 2004
Frank the Farmhand Part 2 by Mattias Jeppsson
After having escaped from the agents, Frank and his friends are captured by the american military and brought to a military camp on the island of Guija.[br] Frank needs once again to save his friends, and escape from the clutches of the Syndicate! UPDATE: version 1.1!! [endsummary] In the second part of Frank's adventures you'll find yourself on an exotic island with lots of new characters t...

Released: 30 Mar 2005
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