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Puddy Penguin by Minimi
My first game made, and winner of the september MAGS competition! You are playing with Puddy Penguin and he has take care of the Yeti in this small and fun game. [endsummary] The game 16 bit, and graphics are made with flash and bryce[br] I hope you like the game, plz visit also my website[br] ...

Released: 23 Sep 2003
Ralph the Raven by Minimi
*winner of May MAGS!* You are Ralph the Raven, and you broke your wing. Now you need Augustus the Owl to fix it, but in order to get him do that, you need to steal an egg! Will you get your wing fixed? It's a short game, with an original GUI system. Graphics made with Graphics Gale, and the Gimp....

Released: 25 May 2004
Sam&Moos are 2 sisters of eachother, and they are staying for a couple of days at their grandpa's house. A couple of months before that, grandpa told them about a treasure hidden in the house, of more than 300 years old. Sam wants to find it, and is going to search the house for it, until he finds it! My games are always for all ages, and also this one. No violence in it, only jokes, and funny ...

Released: 21 Nov 2003
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