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Out of Gas by Sandra T. Almeida
Jack is driving home, when he runs out of gas just a couple blocks from the gas station.[br] He now needs to walk there and return with some gas.[endsummary] Resolution: 640x360 Style: Adventure (Point&Click) Music: Yes, MP3 Update: Version 1.2 is now up. Hopefully it solves all bugs and fines tunes a few stuff....

Released: 1 Jun 2016
Smooth Hide by Sandra T. Almeida
Made for the 24H AGS Guy has just arrived at her girl friend's house... but he doesn't have the key. Can you help him out? Res: 640x360, 32 bit...

Released: 26 Feb 2017
That Day by Sandra T. Almeida
That day is a very short game, about a boy named Randy that one day witnesses something, and his interpretation of the events will determine how his own life will progress. This game was made for MAGS July 2017, under the theme "I come her often". Current version is only a very small demo, hopefully I'll be able to finish it sometime in the very near future. :D...

Released: 31 Jul 2017
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