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Jakob is a hacker for Sector H, a new branch of Black Sun, a crypto-anarchistic organisation that looks after its own. [endsummary]Funded by mysterious benefactors, Jakob and the rest of Sector H break open ractives to ensure that everyone can play them. It's a dog-eat-dog political minefield that Jakob wants no part of.[br][br]All Jakob wants to do is play ractives, watch the new Ripsaw Bloodgore...

Released: 18 Jul 2009
Heatwave by Scavenger
You are but mere words. Would you speak as with that mask, With what lies underneath? Heatwave is a short story set in the same world as Death Wore Endless Feathers. It takes place in a future California, where Dai Araiguma is playing a VR game in the middle of an abnormally tenacious heatwave. To download a self-extracting EXE, choose the first link. To download a ZIP only, choose the fir...

Released: 25 Nov 2013
Terror of the Vampire! by Scavenger
In the vaguely 19th century, in vaguely Eastern Europe, a vampire menace grips the countryside! The menace of superstition and the belief that vampires exist![endsummary][br] Join Dr. Ego Goodmind, BHD, as he does research for his newest psychology book, The Empirical Vampirical. But is he in over his incredibly big head this time?[br]Featuring 8-bit graphics and MIDI music....

Released: 1 Jul 2017
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