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Hjarta by SeamanNaranja
Hjarta is the Norse word for "heart". It is a collection of short stories and a point and click adventure game. It is set in a futuristic world and has three chapters, which you can play in any order you want.[endsummary]Hjarta is developed with the Adventure Game Studio engine.[br][br]It is freeware and available for Windows PC....

Released: 13 Sep 2015
Providence by SeamanNaranja
Providence is an interactive short story drama about three people who share a common destiny, and how they come to find it.[br][br]The game is developed with the Adventure Game Studio engine for Windows PC. It features a Frédéric Chopin soundtrack from The Free Chopin Kickstarter by MusOpen. Find out more about it on their website ([br][br]Providence is freeware.[br][br]Requirements...

Released: 4 Jan 2015
Introducing the Extra Noir Edition! [br] Now you can play the ultimate version of Skumring! [br] Port Horizon 1951. A city on the verge of collapse. Moral collapse. Crime. Corruption. Greed... Money. [br] Join private eye Cooper Chutney on his mission of truth in a city that reeks of lies, deceit and go-go dancers. Solve puzzles and interogate bartenders as you make your way through the city...

Released: 28 Apr 2013
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