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AGS 180 Darts by Shade
features: * customizable game mode * every player has his own profile * small statistics * 1 button gameplay * AI with 3 difficulties...

Released: 3 Mar 2009
AGS 180 Darts 2 by Shade
The focus is more one the darts experience this time. - new throw-system with possible bouncers - 1024x768 - throw on bull's-eye - double-in - save a replay of your match - see your ...average ...double rate ...highest checkout ...score 100+, 140+ ...and how many 180s you hit - everything is displayed as seen on tv! - the crowd now and then sings a little song - more complex and cu...

Released: 30 Apr 2013
AGS Magus by Shade
Take out your magic wands and prepare yourself for a challenging card game! Your task: Predict how many tricks you will get and make your prediction come true in a battle against different opponents. But beware: You will only be rewarded if your prediction is right! - full AI - battle against 2-5 opponents - 3 game modes: single game, endless game and story mode...

Released: 18 Mar 2012
AGS Yahtzee by Shade
it's not an adventure but it's the good old yahtzee with some additions! there are 9 game modes "single", "double", "triple", "quadruple", "ultimate quadruple", "faint quadruple", "ultimate faint quadruple", "flower" and "countdown"....

Released: 25 Apr 2008
AGS Yahtzee 2 by Shade
What you get: - Everything the first game had - Improved interface - Customize your game by changing the basic rules - Create your own tournament - Highscorelists (TOP- and BOTTOM-Score) for every game mode and tournament you create - Live highscore position (taking the score of the respective players into account) - Some new statistics - Import your old profiles, statistics, highscores ...

Released: 27 Jul 2014
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