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Hang On by Simon Reid
Martha is getting away from it all, up in the clouds on the lonely but peaceful slopes of the Trollspitze mountain. When a quick trip to the village below goes awry, who will come to her rescue? And is there any truth in the local legend of an abominable snowman?[br][br] Featuring:[br][br] * Two playable characters![br] * Sublime alpine scenery![br] * Vertiginous thrills![br] * Accurate bird ...

Released: 25 Jun 2017
Moonlight Moggy by Simon Reid
Paul, an especially timid ginger tom, has vanished. It falls to his buddy Blixa to track him down. To do so, he'll have to help out the garden's various resident creatures and overcome his own phobia of plastic bags rustling in the wind. A very short one-room game created for MAGS October 2017, 'Room of Fear'. ...

Released: 28 Oct 2017
Treasure-hunter Roddy arrives at the picturesque Loch Inch, deep in the Scottish Highlands, armed with his trusty shovel and a hunch that, amongst its crumbling old fortress, the island in the middle of the loch may hold untold riches...[br][br]A short point-and-click adventure game inspired by classics of the genre and Hergé's Tintin comics.[br][br] * Admire the dramatic scenery of the Highland...

Released: 26 May 2017
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