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Hen Man: Origins by Stupot
This is the story of Ash - a normal guy, a house-sitter. Find out how, in his own words, he became Hen Man, the most rubbish superhero in town. It is an underwhelming tale of pity for this guy, but does he even realise?[br] This short game was made for MAGS (August), using hand-painted watercolour graphics, lovingly photographed in bad light. Thanks for playing.[br] Feedback and advice is al...

Released: 2 Sep 2014
Noughts & Crosses by Stupot
The title says it all really... unless you call it Tic Tac Toe.[br][br]It's a 2-player game, so you'll need someone with you.[br][br]Thanks for playing :-)...

Released: 20 Jan 2014
Power Nap by Stupot
Join our intrepid hero on a quest for the perfect power nap.[endsummary] Twenty minutes of pure bliss awaits. Only trouble is, the boss is cracking down on nappers. Can you get a decent power nap without getting fired?[br][br] Power Nap was made in two weeks for Adventure Jam and MAGS 2015...

Released: 18 Apr 2015
Tile Puzzle by Stupot
Tile puzzle game featuring two modes: Red Squares and Matching Game. [br] Inspired by the coffin puzzle from The 7th Guest....

Released: 6 Nov 2013
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