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Jack Trekker - Somewhere in Egypt by Sunny Penguin Games
Created for the eighth One Room One Week AGS competition 2013. Help Jack Trekker, egomaniac ladies' man and stereotypical adventure hero, escape the tomb of the Three Sisters with the legendary Dildontus relic! THAT'S HOW JACK ROLLS!!! Originally created for the eighth One Room One Week AGS competition 2013. ...

Released: 16 Jul 2013
After receiving a mysterious phone call, psychic medium Zack Gellar travels to a large estate house in northern Peak Valley, where he is greeted by a desperate woman's pleas for help. Seeing that the woman is on the brink, he agrees to help her, vowing to communicate with the spirit that haunts her, and in turn help it to find eternal peace. [br] First in the series....

Released: 2 Feb 2013
It’s been a year since the Boulyn incident and a prestigious case lures Zack back to Peak Valley. Arriving at Burnom manor, famous for being allegedly haunted by a woman dressed all in white, Zack must use his psychic medium talents to finally unravel the legend of the White Lady. [br] Second in the series....

Released: 21 Jul 2013
Paramnesia - DEMO by Sunny Penguin Games
Experimental game made over the course of two days. You find yourself prisoner at an unknown location. Having been subjected to a battery of tests, you now face the final challenge. Do you have what it takes to complete the task and learn the truth about your circumstances?...

Released: 19 Mar 2013
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